What Is Tilt Tension Knob in Office Chair & How It Works? [2022]

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of the knob below your chair? The truth is that the black knob under the office chair is an integral part of the chair and performs a very important function.

In comparison to office chairs in the past, the majority of office chairs available now include many ergonomic and support features or functional enhancements.

 It may appear that today’s top-of-the-line ergonomic computer or task chairs have more knobs and office chair modifications than a small jet.

The tilt tension can be adjusted by twisting a huge round knob below the seat towards the front of the chair. The tilt tension adjustment knob controls the amount of force required to rock or recline backward in the chair.

The knob under the office chair is used to alter the tension. It’s usually right in front of the chair stem, which means you’ll have to bend forward in your chair to access it.

The knob lies under the side of the seat in some executive-style chairs, which requires leaning to the side of the chair to access it.

What Is The Tilt Tension Knob Feature Of The Knob Under My Office Chair?

tilt tension knob

People frequently purchase office chairs without fully comprehending how they function. Office chairs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of qualities that can be beneficial to anybody who uses them!

 Understanding how various components of an office chair work can be really beneficial. Lumbar support, for example, is essential for people with back problems and can also help prevent them from occurring in the first place.

So we’re going to concentrate on the tension tilt function here.

How To Adjust Tilt Tension On My Office Chair Using The Knob Under My Chair?

You can adjust the tilt of your chair by following these simple steps:

  • Step 1

Sit on your office chair in a comfortable position and place your feet flat on the floor.

  • Step 2

Locate the tilt adjustment knob that must be below your seat and push it down.

  • Step 3

Keep on reclining the seat back using your weight until you reach your desired and comfortable posture.

After settling in a comfortable position, pull the knob back up. It will lock into your desired position and now you can sit back and relax.

What Is the Importance Of Tilt Feature?

If you are still wondering what the knob under my chair do, then we will explain to you why it is important. The ’tilt’ feature allows you to recline and sway back and forth in your chair. You could be wondering where the stress comes from.

The ‘tension’ function, on the other hand, is a knob that may be adjusted to raise or decrease the amount of force required to tilt. As a result, a tension tilt feature enables you to choose how far you wish to recline in a chair and how much force is required to do it.

How Does The Tilt Tension Know Feature Work?

This technique operates in harmony with your personal weight. As a result, a heavy user will need more tension, whereas a lighter individual will need more control.

In case the tension is set incorrectly for your weight or height, you may feel as if you’re tipping backward! It’s also possible that you’ll have the reverse problem and be unable to recline at all. We recommend putting your chair in a place where you can simply recline and change positions.

After all, while you’re working, you should be as comfortable and supported as possible. For best efficiency, your chair must be ergonomic, which is why a tension tilt is such a crucial element to comprehend.

Features Of Knob Under My Office Chair

There are numerous more chair functions available on the market, and based on your particular preferences, the length of time you spend in a chair on a daily basis, and your intended purpose, you might choose or desire an office chair with additional ergonomic controls or features.

Because your office chair is your home away from home, it must provide adequate support and comfort. Here are some more functions that a knob can provide:

Tilt Lock Chair

When the chair is in the standing posture, the tilt lock is also engaged to totally lock out the tilt.

Once a chair is secured in a tilt position, it usually cannot be freed unless the user reclines or tilts back a few degrees, alleviating pressure on the lock bar or pin and allowing the chair to be reset to its original position.

This function appears to be simple, but you’d be shocked how many people struggle with it, and it’s not necessarily their fault. One of the issues with tilt lock is that not all producers use the same lever or place it in the same location to regulate this function, resulting in a variety of ways to modify the tilt lock on a chair.

Pneumatic Seat Adjustment

This feature is available on most office, computer, task, ergonomic, and executive chairs and simply refers to the process of raising or lowering the seat height.

 The chair’s mechanism, which is hidden beneath the seat cushion, is connected to a pneumatic cylinder.

This cylinder provides for quick and easy height adjustment over a predetermined range of heights.

A paddle or lever situated beneath the seat cushion on either the right or left side of the chair is frequently used to make this adjustment.

Back Height Adjustment

This capability is currently available on many computers, tasks, ergonomics, and drafting chairs.

Back height adjustability allows the user to tailor support by positioning the backrest’s lumbar support region within a fixed range.

Back height is frequently adjusted by turning a knob on the backrest stem or frame. The backrest can be lifted or lowered to the desired position by loosening this knob, which is then fastened to hold the position.

Ratchet back height adjustment, which reduces the use of a knob and is adjusted or controlled by simply raising or lowering the backrest to the appropriate level and then locking into position with the ratchet-style frame stem, has also become more common with several modern brands of office chairs.


What does a tilt tension knob do?

The knob below the chair is an essential feature of the chair and serves a vital purpose.
By rotating a large round knob beneath the seat towards the front of the chair, the tilt tension can be changed.

The tilt tension knob determines how much force is necessary to rock or recline the chair backward. The tension is adjusted via the knob under the chair.

How does a knob work?

You can simply push the knob downwards to control the tilt of the chair. This will either make the chair recline forward or backward depending upon where you put your body weight.

What is tilt tension on a chair?

The tilt tension helps the back of the chair to stay in a straight position when not in use. As soon as a person sits on a chair, the tilt tension makes the back of the chair recline backward according to the weight of the user.

Is the tilt feature of modern office chairs really beneficial?

The tilt feature enables us to sway the chair back and forth and adjust it as per our desire. This feature helps the user to stay in the correct posture and thus reduces the chances of getting back pain. Using the tilt feature of your office chair, you can also sit for long hours without suffering from backache.

What are some other features that a knob can be used for?

The knob performs functions like:

Tilt lock chair
Pneumatic seat adjustment
Back height adjustment
Controlling the tilt

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