Office Chair Explosion – Best Ways To Protect From Office Chair Explosion [2022]

The primary purpose of an office chair is to provide comfort to the user, and most of the users prefer unique office chairs instead of regular chairs because of their convenience. It is beneficial for people who sit in the same place for a long time. But, do you think about the office chair explosion? It may look like the worst nightmare, but it could happen with some office chairs due to their pressurized gas cylinders.

office chair explosion

All the latest office chairs and gaming chairs contain a small pressurised gas cylinder beneath the seating for the proper working of the chair. This type of office chair explosion is a rare scenario, and there are only three incidents that happened in the history of office chairs. That too because of the improper maintenance of those office chairs. There are some tips to select perfect office chairs and properly maintain them to prevent these incidents.

Parts of Office Chairs

The regular office chair contains four parts: the base with wheels, a gas cylinder, seat & plate holding with lever, and padded back support. The bottom and the wheels work to make the chair stable and easy to move. The total stability and weight capacity of the chair depend on the strength of the base.  Then the seat is for the comfort of the user. The comfort level of the chair is with the cushion used.

The gas cylinder in the office chair is the primary reason for the up and down movement of the office chair. This office chair cylinder is also known as a pneumatic cylinder, this part provides airflow to the piston or the pump, and while moving the liver in the side of the office chair, it moves up with the pressure of the compressed air from the chamber. For reducing the height, we should release the air by moving the lever down from the section.

Reasons For Office Chair Explosion

office chair explosion

Most modern gaming and office chairs use gas containers for elevation purposes, and these gas cylinders are very useful and provide a high-level comfort for the users. Still, all these are when they work correctly. The problem is when the lever or the piston doesn’t work. Most of the office chair explosions occurred due to the pressurized gas cylinders in the chair.

If the pressure in the cylinders got stuck and didn’t have any anyway, it would explode. The gas cylinder is the only reason for the explosion, and also, improper maintenance is a significant reason for these incidents. But rarely the problem may occur from the manufacturing side also the exploded chair is a brand new one. These are some of the primary reasons for the explosion.

How To Avoid Office Chair Explosions

Most of the office chairs and gaming chairs brands have high-level quality control and testing after manufacturing. So products with defects are rare, and if you find a chair with some flaws or any malfunction, return it and get a new product to avoid unwanted office chair explosions. Some chairs may create problems after many years of use. At that time, proper maintenance is necessary for the chairs.

 Applying oil on the springs and cleaning the cylinders and levers will keep the chair in good condition for a long time and regular maintenance provides a long period of life to the chair. The user should use the chair as per the user’s regulations, avoid adding overweight beyond the limit of the chair and maintain proper postures. Improper postures may cause damage to the back support and the cylinder of the chair.

Replace the Gas Cylinder

The best way to avoid an office chair explosion is to remove the not working or improperly working office chair cylinder to replace them. Cylinder replacement will help the chair to maintain its good working condition. Replacing the cylinder may take some time to do by ourselves, so let the experts handle them for proper replacement. Sometimes even the lever may cause some problems instead of gas cylinders.

The gas cylinders are the central part of the latest model gaming and office chairs. And these cylinders are at the bottom of the seat, and it is the primary reason for the adjustment option in office chairs with the lever on the right or left side below the cushion seating. For replacing the cylinder, we should remove these parts from the seating pad of the chair, including the lever.

Choose the Right Office Chair

To avoid all these fears about the explosion, the user should buy a proper office chair. All the branded and famous chair manufacturers have a testing section, and they also provide warrant and replacement features for their products. The best office chair should have adequately padded seats and the best padded back support with mesh or cushion support.

And the central part of the office chair cylinder should be firm and be capable of handling any pressure. It is because most of the user’s force will be on the piston and the cylinder below the seat, and it is also an essential part of providing comfort to the user. These are the vital points to be known before buying the office chair for personal use. And choose the best office chair from the best brands.

Use Properly

Proper usage of chairs is more critical than selection because the best chair will not be best for so long until the user appropriately maintains it. Proper usage and maintenance is an essential requirements for owning an office chair. These services will help avoid office chair explosions and provide long life for the chairs, and the user should follow all the user guidelines.

Manufacturers manufacture all the office chairs and gaming chairs with ergonomic features, and these features are the reason for the comfort of the chairs. It is also suitable for the user’s back and neck. It has a separate neck cushion and backrest for extra support. Use these products and use the chairs properly and safely.

About Explosion

The possibility of explosion is very low in modern-day office chairs, but we should adequately maintain the chairs for our safety. These days, the usage of office chairs and gaming chairs has increased in the last two years. But the explosion cases are none, so maintain your chairs without any fear of explosion. These are some of the points about office chair explosion and its remedies.

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