Mesh Vs Fabric Chair: Choose Best Chair For You – Buying Guide [2022]

Chairs are the primary comfort provider for all kinds of people. Comfortable chairs are essential for people like office workers, live gamers, and even more. The chairs with stretch design with metal or plastic are the mesh chairs, and these chairs are well known for their breathability. Mesh chairs provide a higher level of comfort and freshness than any other chair kinds.

The Fabric chairs are well known for their comfort. The best chair fabrics are cotton, linen, wool, leather, acetate, hemp, silk, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, rayon, and nylon. These are the materials that are in use for fabric chair manufacturing. Unlike the mesh chair, this kind of chair has padding in both the seat and backrest. These paddings are the main reason for the comfortable feel.

Mesh Vs Fabric Chair

mesh vs fabric chair

Difference Between Mesh and Fabric Chairs

The main difference between the Fabric and mesh chairs is the materials and the method they made. The mesh has only padding at the seating, but the fabric chair has padding at both. The comfort level is more in fabric chairs than the mesh chair because of its delicate fabric Cussons. The mesh chairs have higher breathability than the fabric chairs because the mesh chairs have more gaps than the fabric chairs for air circulation.


Both kinds of comfort levels are perfect, and they provide a pleasant feeling for the users. The fabric chair has a soft and smooth fabric cover that makes the users feel comfortable from the head to the lower back, and it provides adjustable features also. Most of the users prefer these fabric chairs for their comfort and attractive fabrics that make them beautiful.

The mesh chairs also provide as much comfort as the fabric chairs. Though the chairs don’t look more comfortable than fabric chairs, the users can feel the comfort after use. Most of the offices prefer the ergonomic mesh chair because of its convenience and its breathability. People who work in warm conditions or sweat more can choose these mesh chairs for their use.


When it comes to durability, both chairs have a similar kind of life span. If the mesh chair gets frayed, it needs a complete change. Depending on the frayed level, if the mesh chairs have a low level of damage, people can use them for a little longer. Chairs with severe damage need a permanent change. Sometimes the chairs with soft mesh can also sog after prolonged usage.

The Fabric chairs have a similar lifespan as the mesh chairs. If the fabric chair has some small tear, the tiny stitches are enough to cover it, but if the total fabric has some damage, the chair needs a complete replacement or a significant material change. The fabrics that are part of these chairs will have a long-lasting capacity, but the damage depends only on usage.


Maintaining the fabric chair is more manageable and takes less time than the mesh chair. The mesh chairs have many small holes, and when people clean them once in a while, it can take too much time to clean the gaps. Small particles and dust will settle in between the holes and make cleaning difficult. Use microfiber cloths for cleaning. Using paper towels will create a mess on mesh chairs.

Cleaning the Fabric chair is more manageable than cleaning the mesh office chair because users can wash the fabric chair using a vacuum. But if the fabric chair has some stains, more work is needed. To remove the color from the fabric, the users should use some stain removers like vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or any dish detergent. Most of the time, these items will help in stain removal.


The price of both the chairs comes under the same index only. Both kinds of chairs have similar price ranges. An average mesh chair rate starts at $250, and the price range will differ on the brand people choose. According to the brands, the price will vary from 250 to 500 dollars. Most of the mesh chairs will come under these scales, and some expensive brands will have exceptions.

Fabric chairs are more attractive and color full, but they also have a similar market rate as the mesh chairs. The fabrics like cotton and other expensive fabrics will determine the fabric chair price. Most of the introductory fabric chairs’ fee starts at $500, and it goes on as per the fabric quality. A person with $500 can buy both mesh and fabric chairs as per their wish since they are similar in the price range.

Mesh Vs Fabric Chair : Pros & Cons



These are the primary pros and cons of mesh and fabric chairs, and there are even more pros and scams that are available, but these are the major ones.


The selection of a chair depends on the user’s purpose. If the user needs a chair for office work and works in a warm surroundings, the chair with mesh seats will be a perfect choice. If the person works for a long time in cold weather or a similar environment, the Fabric chairs are the best choice. Likewise, every chair has its purpose of usage, and understanding the characteristics of these chairs will help people select the perfect chair for their use.

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