How To Sit With A Spondylolisthesis Properly To Reduce Pain – 2022

The spondylolisthesis refers to the dislocation of the lower backbone. The human spine consists of several bones, which are known as vertebrae. A small disk separates all these spine bones from direct interaction with one another. All these bones are the shock absorbers of the human body, and they help humans stay straight. When disks in between the bones get damaged by accident or lose their position due to over friction, it will cause pain in the lower back. It is known as spondylolisthesis.

The primary reason for this problem is the dislocation of the vertebrae. If the vertebrae move forward or backward and rest on the other vertebrae, it will cause severe pain to that person. Most older people face this problem due to their age and other medical reasons. Some common reasons for this problem are trauma, Overextension of the spine, degeneration of the disc or vertebrae, and even genetics. There are many ways to overcome this problem.

What Are The Spondylolisthesis Of Symptoms?          

The primary symptom is lower back pain, and it occurs while standing or sitting in the same place for a long time. This pain will be similar to the muscle strain, but it will have more problems and damages than an ordinary muscle strain.  The symptoms are tightness in the hamstring, pain or irritation in the posterior buttock, and even some neurological changes like tingling and numbness of the legs. These are the primary symptoms of spondylolisthesis.

If people have these kinds of symptoms while they have an accident or any other problem, they should consult a physiotherapist to overcome this problem. They may suggest some practices and personal programs to overcome this problem. And if the case was worse, the person needs surgery for a complete cure. The spondylolisthesis is from low range to range that depends on the dislocation area of the bones.

Things To Avoid

People who have this spondylolisthesis should avoid various activities at their medication time. According to the doctors, if a person needs a cure from non-operative spondylolisthesis, it takes about three to six months to cure. And people should have at least three months of break from activities like sports and athletics. These kinds of activities may disturb the alignment of the vertebrae. So the gap is necessary for those people with non-operative spondylolisthesis.

People with this problem should also avoid some lumbar extension exercises. It may increase the pain and also the healing time. These activities may also change the vertebrae’s position and cause severe damage, and it can also decrease the healing ability of the body with unbearable pain. Some exercises like prone press-ups, standing extensions, flat leg raises, and back extension gym pieces of equipment are harmful to spondylolisthesis.

How To Sit With A Spondylolisthesis

Exercises For Curing Spondylolisthesis

Not all people with spondylolisthesis need surgery, and only some require it. The rest can cure these processes with just some regular physical therapy exercises, and These types of treatments are known as non-invasive treatments. These methods will help strengthen the person’s backbone with many other related benefits. All these activities are accessible to everyone who can try them, it doesn’t need any unique guides or trainers. Those exercises are

  • Pelvic tilt
  • Knee to chest
  • Quadruped arm and leg raise
  • Gluteal stretch

These are the primary exercises that help people with spondylolisthesis problems. All these are very simple, and it doesn’t need total stamina or strength to do these exercises. All its requirements are patience and relaxation. Each of these exercises is unique, and each has special features.

Pelvic Tilt

 The main goal of this exercise is to make the mower spine stable. This exercise will have complete interaction with core muscles. And it consists of three steps, and the first step is to lie on with bent knees and flat feet on the floor. Then pull the lower stomach towards the spine with the help of abdominal muscles, then flatten the lower back on the floor.  Then the third step is to hold this position for 15 seconds and then relax. 

Following these three steps will make the spine good and maintain the perfect lower back position. People should repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times with a regular gap. This activity will help to cure the spine and increase the recovery speed. If the person follows this standard, it will provide various benefits. This exercise is the common one that anyone can do to maintain the proper position of their backbones. These are the features of the Pelvic tilt exercise.

Knee To Chest

This exercise will also work with the core muscles and also help to stabilize the spine bones. It also helps to reduce the pain level at the lover backbone and align the vertebrae to their normal position. This exercise involves five steps, and each effort is necessary to make the training effective. The first step is similar to the pelvic tilt, lie on the back with bent knees and keep the feet flat on the ground. The second step will engage all the core muscles by pulling the stomach muscles towards the spine.

In the third step, use your arms for extra support and move one leg toward the chest. Hold that position for five seconds and then relax from that position. Repeat the same set of processes for the other leg in step four. Hold it for five seconds before going to the rest position. Then finally, complete the stretch with both legs at the same time towards the chest. Repeat this exercise 2 to three-time in the morning and night before sleep. It will increase the recovery time.

Quadruped Arm and Leg Raise

This exercise is also known as bird dog exercise. This exercise will help to increase the muscle strength in the glutes, spine, and abdomen. This process contains about four steps, and each stage has specific gestures to make. The first step will start with the knees and the hands. The second step is to raise one arm and its alternative leg, which will help tighten the core muscles. These are the activities of the first two steps.

Then the third step is to hold that second step position for  5 seconds and then lower the arms and leg back to the normal body position. Then repeat the same process with an alternate hand and leg. Complete ten times on each side of the body and then take some gap and continue the same this will help reduce the stress level on the backbone and increase the recovery speed. These are the primary features of quadruped arm and leg raises.

Gluteal stretch

This exercise will help the person reduce tension and stiffness by stretching the gluteus muscles. This gluteal stretch is the best exercise for spondylolisthesis and lower back pain. And it will help to reduce the pain with various additional benefits. The first step in this exercise is to lie on the back with bent knees and rest one ankle over the other. Then grab the bottom of the leg and pull towards the chest. This stretch will make an impact on the buttocks. But stop it immediately if you feel any pain or irritation.

Hold this position for at least 15 to 30 seconds to be practical. Then return to the rest position, relax, and continue the same process several times per your stamina level. Repeat the same exercise for the other leg and make the process equal. These are the features of Gluteal stretch.

How To Avoid Spondylolisthesis

To avoid these problems, maintain the body with proper food and exercise. Regular activities and sports will keep the body fit, and it will allow increasing the stamina level. These kinds of bone-based problems are the main effect of low bone density, so increase the calcium level in the body to increase them and make perfect bone positions.

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