How To Sit Comfortably With Haemorrhoids? Effective Ways To Sit Comfortably -[2022]

Haemorrhoids are commonly known as piles. These are swollen veins in your lower rectum and anus that develop because of many reasons. This problem can occur internally or externally of the rectum and causes a lot of pain.

People suffering from this problem regularly find it difficult to sit for long hours on a chair. This can reduce their productivity at work to a great extent. It, is, therefore, essential to combat this problem fast but gently.

The healing process takes time. In the meanwhile, you may follow some measures to sit comfortably on a chair at home or office with haemorrhoids. But before that learn more about this problem and its symptoms.

The Causes of Haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids are caused because of widening of the veins around the anus. It is more likely to occur in people whose parents have suffered this problem. Though there is no specific cause of this issue, it occurs because of increased pressure in the lower rectum area, which may result from:

  • Chronic diarrhoea
  • Sitting long hours
  • Straining during the bowel movements
  • Pregnancy
  • Overweight
  • Heavy lifting

How Can You Know You Have Haemorrhoids? The Symptoms

Haemorrhoids can be external or internal and the symptoms differ based on their type.

How To Sit Comfortably With Haemorrhoids

External Hemorrhoids

This form of haemorrhoids occurs because of swollen veins, which develop underneath the skin and around the anus. It leads to extreme pain, inflammation, and swelling when blood pools create a clot. The major symptoms of this problem are:

  • Discomfort and pain
  • Bleeding or swelling
  • Itching around the anal region

Internal Haemorrhoids

This occurs because of swollen veins developed inside the rectum. Though you don’t feel and see them you witness painless blood flow during bowel movements. You may also bleed during poop, which is noticeable in the toilet bowl or when you wipe.

How to Sit Comfortably with Haemorrhoids?

How to Sit Comfortably with Haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids are just like any other ailment. Hence, you don’t have to feel shy or ashamed about it. But sitting with this problem can be problematic. The issue becomes a major one when you are working in an office.

So, here are some practices that you may adopt to conveniently sit with this problem.

  1. Place a Footrest Under Your Legs

Sitting is more comfortable with legs raised. It creates a half-squat position where your knees bent towards the stomach creating better body alignment. This relieves pressure off the legs and also enhances bowel movement.

As per the experts, sitting in this position drastically reduces the chances of developing haemorrhoids. There are multiple high-quality footrests available online, which are designed specifically for this purpose. You may select an apt one as per your preference.

  • Buy a Sitting Cushion Custom-Made for Haemorrhoid

Sitting in one chair for longer hours triggers the haemorrhoid problem. But if you have no other option, you must at least ensure that the seat is soft and cushioned.

You may use a cushion or pillow under the buttocks, particularly when you work behind a desk. Alternatively, you may purchase an ergonomic cushion designed specifically for this. It is also called a doughnut pillow where the seat cushions are designed for those who have an anal region injury or had undergone surgery.

These pillows are lightweight and can be carried along anywhere. You can use it at the office while driving or travelling.

  • Drink Lots of Water

Sitting for a long time on the toilet seat is a major cause of haemorrhoids. It causes high pressure in and around the anus and on the veins.

To solve this problem, you must stay hydrated and drink at least 8 cups of water.

  • Maintain Hygiene

Keeping the rectal area clean is an easy way to dry your haemorrhoids and soothe them. Rather than using rough toilet paper use wet wipes that offer gentle cleaning without over-drying the area.

Also, regularly use sitz baths that allow you to soak the target area. Soak the area in the sitz bath for 15-20 minutes once a day.

  • Take Small Walk Breaks In between Sitting

Sitting all day in the office is tedious and increases this problem. The same stands true for sitting long hours in front of the TV or gaming device. It is beneficial to walk regularly as this reduces the strain on the anus region.

  • Keep the Backside Dry and Cool

Regular sweating can make your anus extremely painful and itchy. Sitting or standing in moisture and heat-trapping clothes aggravate the problem.

Select proper clothes to keep the area dry and clean. This relieves pain. Pick breathable and loose-fitting clothes like cotton.

  • Apply Icepack

Piles bulge from the skin and to reduce their swelling you may apply an ice pack, which works similarly to icing sports to reduce an injury. Don’t place an ice pack directly on the skin or leave it at one place for long as this can damage skin tissues.

Place a kitchen towel or a clean cloth between the skin and ice pack and leave it on the skin for a maximum of 15 minutes. Repeat this step daily.

Does Prolong Sitting Causes Haemorrhoids?

Sitting for long hours can cause haemorrhoids problems and make it worse for those who are already suffering from it. Hence, try to take frequent breaks, sit on a comfortable seat with a cotton cushion, and follow the abovementioned aspects.

How Can You Shrink Haemorrhoids Fast?

The best way to cure this problem is to consult your doctor. The doctor will help you get a proper diagnosis and secure the right treatment as well. Other than this you may follow some simple measures to solve this problem like:

  • Fibre Supplements – Fibre-based supplements are recommended by gastroenterologists and are great to get rid of constipation.
  • Topical Treatments – There are topical creams also available that need to be applied externally. But you must first clean the area and then apply creams to prevent itching and irritation.                                                                    

Final thoughts

Office workers who sit long hours at a desk are at a higher risk of this problem. It is because continuous sitting exerts regular pressure on the rectum area, which also results in a lot of discomfort and pain.

We have listed the most effective ways to overcome this issue. However, it is best to consult an expert to heal haemorrhoids fast and stay productive at work.

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