How To Remove Office Chair Base? Effective Way To Replace Office Base -[2022]

Office chairs are engineered to provide prolonged comfort and use in the workplace. Most of these chairs incorporate multiple features like adjustable height functionality, swivel capability, back massage, etc.

However, the base of an office chair tends to experience a lot of wear and tear due to regular use and sitting. In such instances, the need of replacing the office chair base arises. Replacing the chair’s base is simple if you know all the steps involved.

So, let’s learn about removing and replacing an office chair’s base from scratch!

How To Remove Office Chair Base?

To remove the base of your office chair, you first have to keep a few tools handy.

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • New base and cylinder
  • A hammer

Once you are ready with these tools you may follow the below steps to dismantle your chair.

Step 1 – Prepare the Floor

Removing the chair’s base may lead to grease stains spilling on the floor. It is because the chair’s cylinder is greased.

An easy measure to prevent it from happening is covering the floor or work area with an old cloth or a newspaper.

Step 2 – Position the Chair

Position your chair upside down ensuring the base’s center is visible. The best way is to lay the chair on the floor with its back touching the ground. This also offers support to easily perform the job.

Step 3 – Using the Holding Clip

Place the holding clip at the base’s center and remove this with a screwdriver or a needle nose plier. Open the clip by slightly bending it. Gently slide it off from the piston.

Step 4 – Remove the Washer

There is a washer on the base’s top and around the piston. Pull it off.

Step 5 – Remove the Base

For pulling out the base you need to pull and turn the base anti-clockwise. The gas cylinder and base will come as a single piece. The gas cylinder is within the base.

This step may spill grease coating. So, be a little bit cautious.

How to Replace the Office Chair Base?

Once you have removed the old base from your chair, it is time to install the new one. Here’s how you can do it efficiently.

Step 1 – Position the Chair

Again, prepare your floor by covering it with a cloth or a newspaper. Overturn the chair in a way so that its back lies on the floor.

Step 2 – Hit the Edges

You have to hit the edge on the periphery. Continue hitting the edges till the base separates or falls off from the cylinder. Snap the clip before disassembling the cylinder.

Step 3 – Pull Out the Wheels

It is simple to remove the caster. You have to pull them out at a time. For casters with screws, just unscrew them.

Step 4 – Place the Caster into the New Base

After removing the caster, you need to attach the new base. Position the wheels with the socket of the chair.

Use pressure for placing the base and connecting the socket. If needed grease the socket from all sides before inserting the new base.

Step 5 – Connect New Base to the Chair

Align the cylinder of the chair with a new base and push down. Make sure your chair is steady and stable. When you are sure the base has fit correctly you may secure other attachments.

How to Remove a Stuck Base from Office Chair?

The chair’s base stuck at times because of rust. You require a lubricant, a mallet, and a clean cloth to solve this issue. It is best to avoid picking a white-colored fabric as the stains are difficult to remove.

Further, you need to follow these steps:

  • Place a cloth or a newspaper underneath the chair to protect your floor.
  • Apply or spray a lubricant to the covers of the gas cylinder. Make sure that the lubricant reaches the bottom and inside of the cylinder.
  • Hit the chair’s sides with a rubber mallet. If you lubricate regularly, you need to use a rubber mallet repeatedly.

The stuck base will become loose in a few seconds.

Why You Must Invest in a High-Quality Office Chair?

How to Remove Office Chair Base

There are a variety of office chairs available. But it is best to invest in a high-quality one as only these chairs allow easy assembly and disassembly. Such chairs are the most suitable at the workplace.

The main reason to buy a good quality chair is that it reduces the chances of musculoskeletal pain and body issues, which occur because of long hours sitting, especially with improper posture.

Also, such chairs ensure you don’t experience tailbone pain that occurs in office workers because of using a bad chair. A chair without a good seat and with the right material and foam would harm your glutes and could lead to tailbone pain.

An office chair of high quality is always designed ergonomically to impart proper sitting position. Additionally, it saves you money, reduces health issues, and lasts longer than other regular chairs.

Final Thoughts

A positive work environment can be created only when you feel comfortable. When you sit in the correct position you release a high level of productivity and output. Your office chair can make a huge difference to your overall performance. Hence, it is important that you solve the problem as early as possible.

Since changing the chair’s base is simple you can do it by yourself. You may follow the above-mentioned steps and you will no longer be dependent on any one.

Enjoy great work and comfortable sitting!

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