How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever? 7 Easiest Ways [2022]

Having stress to work for hours even with an office chair that does not have much ergonomics? It gets even more difficult when the chair does not include any type of projected height assistance. Without a lever, it may get difficult for everyone to get the perfect settings for your height. Office chairs may come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some of them might not have a height-adjustable feature. To get the best ergonomics out of your office chair, you can simply follow the guide mentioned below. Follow the steps to attain the best results.

7 Easiest Ways Of How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever?

1. Using Platforms

This is probably the easiest way to raise the height of your office chair that does not come with any lever. Using a platform to adjust the height will just take a few seconds. The challenge is, however, to find out a platform that is perfect in height and also gives you the right elevation.

To use a platform, you need to first measure out where you want to place this platform. Once you find the right place, make sure that there is no furniture blocking the access or the spot that you’ve picked. Measure the elevation that you’ll need and then go ahead.

Getting the perfect platform is another challenge. You can look for online stores to purchase the assembled ones which you can attach together to get a stipulated height. You can also build your own with the help of multiple accessories assembled from different pieces.

2. Using Blocks Under Chairs

If you are unable to find a platform, you can get going with one of the oldest methods of adjusting the height. This is by placing blocks under the legs of chairs. This technique is ideal for any chair which has its legs extended and you can get the right height according to your needs. This procedure will help you a lot to increase the height at a stipulated range.

To use the blocks for your chair, you need to consider removing all the wheels from your chair. To place on both sides of the chair

Now you can consider taking out all the footrests if they are present. Any external accessories provided with the chair should be left out.

You can now go ahead by cutting two pieces of wood of equal length and place them on either side of the chair. You can glue the pieces together to make it a perfect option.

You can put one block under one leg and make sufficient height adjustments which will make it more comfortable to use the chair. You can make the best height adjustment needs immediately.

3. Step Stools

Another impressive way to get the perfect height in just a few steps is by taking the help of step stools. If you do not want to buy any slits, having step stools could do the job for you.

All that you need to do is to improvise on the height which will allow you to create the perfect balance. You need to attach two pieces of wood to create an adjustable stool. The height will however depend on the requirements that you have.

4. Using Larger Wheels

One of the alternate options that you need to consider is having larger wheels. This process will include replacing your regular wheels and will help you in getting a proper height from the chair. You can quickly replace the wheels by following the steps mentioned below.

The first thing that you need to do is to look for replacement parts. You can do this search on both online and offline platforms to get the perfect fit.

Now you can remove the old wheel assemblies. To do this, you can start by cutting off the rubber pads which are placed on the sides.

Once you are done with this, you can now glue the new set of rubber pads replacing the old one. Make sure that it matches the height.

The last thing to do now is to replace the old wheels. You can now place the new and bigger wheel in the proper position and then re-install the wheel in the right place.

5. Adjustable Legs

Another option of adjusting the height is done well with the help of adjustable legs. These legs are designed to provide a complete height upgrade which will be helpful for a quick upgrade. Here are some steps that you can follow accordingly

The first thing that you need to do is to find the perfect adjustable legs that match the dimensions of the legs of the office chair.

You need to make sure that the fittings are perfect and it is designed to provide a complete effort. Also, you can try to buy legs that match the color of your office chair.

The next thing that you need to consider is to lift the chair and turn it upside down. With the help of nuts and screws, remove the wheels and the rubber pads.

You can now get the adjustable legs and fix them properly according to your needs. Make sure that you have a proper guide to installing the adjustable legs.

6. Cushion

If you do not have a lever to lift the height, forget about increasing the height of the chair at all! The difference is not much but limited to 2-3 inches, you can raise the height of the seat easily with a cushion. You can take the help of a simple cushion to get this job done immediately. Simply get additional support right beneath your desks. To achieve the goal, you can put a comfortable cushion on the seat as well. Make sure that the cushion sits tightly and there are no much slippery edges. To make the adjustments better, you can also place the cushion right below the desk to get a better result.

7. Seat Adjustment

Another step you can take is to get is the option of having a height adjustment with the help of your seat or bolt movement. Some chairs do come with bolt movement or back height adjustment options which will help you in getting the right height adjustments taken place.

Some of the office chairs come with an improved backrest and height adjustment settings which allow you to get a comfortable height.

If your chair has a proper back height adjustment option, you can simply pull your chair up and make it more comfortable with the height.

Another alternative option is to move the bolt up or down which will allow you to adjust the height accordingly.

Why Do Office Chairs Don’t Have A Lever?

Not having a lever is not a common symptom for office chairs. However, there are still some models which might not come up with height adjusting features. Some of them are the non-pneumatic chairs and if there are some damaged parts on the device.

The non-pneumatic chairs are very old in nature. However, if you face similar chairs, you can look for the bolt which is located just at the bottom of the seat. Try to loosen the bolt and then lift up the chair to a certain height. But remember that this will only increase the height to a certain extent.

Another reason could be because of missing or damaged parts. In such cases, you will have to examine the chair to find out the damaged part. You will now have to replace the damaged part and make sure to fix a new spare part.

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