How To Fix An Office Chair That Leans? (4 Effective Steps To Fix) 2022

A comfy, ergonomic office chair is essential to maintain productivity at work. However, your chair may tend to lean forward, backward, or sideways, which may result in severe health issues and pain.

A leaning office chair is unable to provide proper lumbar and back support. Hence, it is essential to rectify the problem immediately. But there can be many reasons for your chair to lean and to fix this issue properly you need to determine the cause behind it.

So, first, let us find out the reasons for your office chair leaning.

Why Does Your Office Chair Lean?

An office chair leaning to one side is not good for your posture and overall health. It is extremely uncomfortable and puts high pressure on the spine, particularly the lumbar region.

The common reasons for your office chair to lean are:

  • Damaged Caster Wheels
  • Loose Seat Plate
  • Tilt Tension

If the caster wheels of your office chair are damaged or the seat plate is loose, the chair will lean forward. But if the tilt tension is not properly adjusted it will lean the chair backward or to one side.

Let’s learn the ways to address these problems one by one!

Fixing the Tilt Tension Mechanism of an Office Chair

how to fix an office chair that leans

Most office chairs lean backward due to improper tilt tension knob. Every chair holds an adjustment knob underneath the center of the seat. This tilt tension needs adjustment for offering more resistance to the chair while reclining or leaning back.

The seat height of your chair must be adjusted to a comfortable level. You may release the tension knob and then tighten it to bring more tension.

If there is no such knob in your chair, there is a lever provided for the same. Using this lever, you can lock the chair’s back in a fixed position. Tightening the lever to lock on the chair’s back is a good way to avoid your chair leaning backward.

Steps Of How To Fix An Office Chair That Leans?

Fixing The Damaged Casters Of An Office Chair

how to fix an office chair that leans

Small wheels that fit at the chair’s bottom are known as casters. If any one of these casters is damaged, it will result in sideward, backward, or forward-leaning of the chair depending on the position of the damaged wheel.

The casters break when your weight is unevenly distributed on the chair. They also get damaged due to long years of use. Hence, the only way to rectify it is to replace the old wheels with new ones.

For this, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1 –Remove the Damaged Caster

Position your chair upside down. Now, grab a screwdriver and eliminate the broken caster from the socket of the chair.

Step 2 –Check the Casters

Before taking out the casters, you must inspect which one requires a repair. After noticing the damaged caster, you may spray DW-40 or a lubricant to take it out easily. Spraying a lubricant removed grime and dirt, which jams the caster.

Step 3 –Place New Casters

With the help of a rubber mallet, you may place a new caster over the socket. Fasten the bolts that are required to install the new casters.

Step 4 –Check Your Chair

After installing the new caster, you may position the chair correctly. Now, check that your chair is no longer leaning.

Fixing the Seat Plate of an Office Chair

The seat plate of your chair becomes loose after years of use. To fasten up the seat plate again, you need to follow these steps.

Step 1 – Examine the Plate

Turn your office chair so that one side touches the floor. The seat plate is mostly black and placed underneath the chair’s cushion and consists of a sleek steel frame. Check for loose screws.

Step 2 –Tighten the Plate

If screws are missing, you must replace them. Also, fasten up the loose screws.

Step 3 –Check Your Chair

Position the chair correctly and test it. If the plate is tight the chair will stop leaning. If it is loose, you need to purchase a new plate.

How to Adjust Your Office Chair for a Proper Posture and Good Health Condition?

To make sure you have the best office setup, you must work with a chair that lends proper posture. When you place your hands on the desk, they must form a 90-degree angle.

To maintain good posture while sitting for long hours you must take into account some important aspects.

How To Fix An Office Chair That Leans
  • Fix the Armrests

The chair’s armrests must be positioned at an angle so that it does not touch your elbows. The armrests are fixed and hence you need a screwdriver to adjust their position.

There are also chairs available with adjustable armrests. These chairs allow adjusting the armrests using a knob.

  • Adjusting the Angle of Backrest

There is a knob in the chair that helps to adjust the backrest’s angle. You can unlock the knob while sitting on the chair. Adjust the knob till you sit in a comfortable position.

Lock the knob right when you find the correct position. This will fix the backrest in a new angle.

  • Adjust the Position of the Backrest

When you lean on the chair’s backrest it may not feel comfortable. It means you have to adjust the backrest to ensure it fits back and gives strong support to the back curve of your body.

It is easy to adjust the backrest of your chair and adjust the knob while sitting on the chair. Raise the knob to a position till you get complete comfort for your back.

Remember, only a high-quality office chair allows you to adjust the backrest. Hence, pick a good-quality chair that comes with multiple adjustability features so that you get a custom fit.


Office chairs are heavy and expensive but some minor issues can hamper the overall performance of your chair.

A leaning chair is not a comfortable choice and must be fully avoided. In addition to fixing the chair’s leaning problem, you must also try to adjust the chair according to your body shape. This helps you get rid of most of the health problems.

Fix your leaning chair and enjoy proper posture and good health!

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