How To Clean A Gaming Chair Properly ( A Step-By-Step Guide) 2022

Are your gaming sessions becoming stinky day by day? Is your gaming chair painted with tough, ugly stains? Well, it’s time for a chair cleanup!

No matter how high-quality your gaming chair is if it is not cleaned and stinks badly it can affect your overall gaming mood and experience. Even, a dirty gaming chair can affect the look of your overall gaming setup. Hence, you must keep your gaming chair super-clean just like any other furniture in your home.

But gaming chairs are made of different materials than standard furniture pieces. Practicing improper cleaning can damage the entire upholstery and components of your chair. So, follow this chair cleaning guide to effectively clean your gaming chair without harming it.

8 Steps on How To Clean A Gaming Chair

Step 1 – Determine the Material of Your Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs come in a variety of materials and the cleaning solvent to use depends on the material of the chair. Most likely, a gaming chair is upholstered with one of the below materials:

  • Fabric
  • PU Leather
  • Mesh
  • PVC Leather

So, check the seat and back upholstery of your chair. Additionally, check the material of accessories like armrests, cup holders, wheels, and others. Such accessories are mostly made of plastic, which is easy to clean. But there are high-end models available that are made of stainless steel. For cleaning such components, you need to use different cleaners depending on the material they are made of.

Step 2 –Prepare the Cleaning Tools

Once you have figured out the material of your chair the next step is to assemble all the cleanings tools and items. First, you must prepare a clean rag and a bucket of warm water.

  • To Clean Mild Dust – Warm water helps clean items like frosting and food crumbs, which get deposited when you eat while sitting on the chair. You also have to mix a mild washing agent to warm water for creating a gentle yet effective solvent.
  • To Clean Stubborn Stains –For cleaning stronger materials you require alcohol-based solvents. Also, you require rubbing alcohol to effectively remove stubborn and deep stains, which won’t come out with a gentle cleanser.

Cleaning brushes, sponges, wipes, and hand gloves are other materials you must have handy for cleaning your chair. Using these items in combination helps remove deep clean stains and debris.

Step 3 –Clean Debris and Dust Off the Surface

There is no need for water to clean debris and dust from your chair. For chairs made of PVC or PU leather, it is best to use a microfiber rag to wipe the surface. It easily attracts dust and takes off the debris without involving much effort.

Alternatively, you need to put more effort into cleaning chairs made of mesh or fabric. It is because such materials collect too much debris and dust that gets down deep in the fibers of the fabrics. It is best to clean such chairs with a vacuum.

You may use a small handy vacuum that can enter easily into the tricky corners of your chair. If you have a battery-powered vacuum, it is a wonderful choice as you don’t have to lock for a socket to get the job done.

A brush attachment is a perfect choice for cleaning a gaming chair as it quickly picks up small dust particles without harming the chair’s surface. Gently rub the brush over the surface for a superior clean.

Be diligent in vacuuming the chair and try to do this every week so that you don’t have to perform deep cleaning.

Step 4 –Use a Cleaner and Water for Deep Cleaning Your Chair

how to clean a gaming chair

After removing the debris from the chair, you need to deep clean your chair. This is vital to remove tough stains and spills of beer, tea, pizza sauce, coffee, and other items.

If the stains are old, they may not come out easily. But deep cleaning will help you lighten them to a great extent. The various things you need to focus on while deep cleaning your chair are:

  • First, check your chair’s tag to go through the cleaning instructions. The instructions are marked as ‘W,’ ‘S,’ or ‘S/W.’ Each code has a different meaning.
  • ‘W’ means the chair must be clean only with water. ‘S’ means that the chair can be cleaned using a solvent. ‘S/W’ means that the chair can be cleaned using both solvent and water.
  • The way you use solvent or water depends on the chair’s material. Faux leather and leather must be cleansed with a liquid solvent. Rub the solvent gently on the chair’s surface using a sponge or soft rag.
  • Avoid rubbing vigorously as it could lead to color issues and can harm the fabric of the chair. Intense rubbing must be done only when you use a soft sponge so that there is no harm to the chair’s fabric.

Important – Don’t rub mesh fabric at all. Just blot it gently till the material starts to look clean and dust-free.

Step 5 – Focus on Cleaning Stubborn Stains

how to clean a gaming chair

If you are cleaning your gaming chair after weeks or months, there would be some stains that won’t come out easily. These stains can be from sweat, beverages, food, and other items.

In such situations, you need to use other materials along with standard solvent cleaning. This is best clean with rubbing alcohol. To rub alcohol, take a cotton ball and dip it into alcohol and then rub it on the tough stain. Let the alcohol rest on the stain for a few minutes.

If using alcohol causes any damage to your chair, you must avoid using it immediately. But if it is unharmed, continue using it to get the desired results.

This is a detailing task, which needs to be done with focus and patience. The cleaning solution must be sparingly spread on tough stains that you think are not coming out easily.

Step 6 –Clean the Other Components / Accessories of the Chair

After cleaning the upholstery, you must clean the other components or accessories of the chair. This means cleaning the armrest, base, wheels, and frame of your chair. These items are made usually with plastic or hard material, and hence, are very convenient to clean.

Just wet a rag or sponge with warm water and soap and scrub the cleaning areas to get rid of stains and dirt. You may use a cleaning solvent to disinfect the chair and it is suggested to use this if you haven’t cleaned the chair for long. Cleaning this way also leaves a pleasant fragrance on your chair.

Some gaming chairs are made of stainless-steel accessories, particularly if they are of exceptional quality. Use a cleaning agent with warm water to clean components made of stainless steel.

Wipe it dry with a towel or rag so that it is super-cleaned.

Step 7 – Clean the Casters and Tighten Loose Screws

If you are thinking that the cleaning job is done, you are wrong as cleaning the caster wheels is still left. You have to clean the caster wheels in detail as they are the most annoying to clean as they collect a lot of debris and hair, which are difficult to remove.

For cleaning the casters, you need to turn the chair upside down. Now, take a vacuum and clean the inside of the caster using a vacuum. After this, you may use a cotton swab or a cloth to clean the dust from the outside and wipe the dust off by rubbing alcohol.

Your chair is now clean. Just tighten the screws, which might have got loose while cleaning. You may use a lubricant or WD-40 to clean the chair.

Step 8 –Enjoy a Clean Gaming Time!

Your chair is now clean, fresh, and smelling good. It is time to kick up your feet, relax, and play your favorite game in a clean chair.


It is quite simple to clean a gaming chair but you have to follow the steps properly. Most importantly, use the right cleaning solvents and tools and wipe off the dirt to enjoy a clean and comfortable gaming time.

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