How Much Does a Gaming Chair Cost? – [Updated 2022]

Chairs usually provide the best comfort in the sitting position. Every chair is mainly designed to provide comfort sitting and using it for a longer time. Likewise, many chairs are designed for particular places, such as office chairs, Gaming Chairs, and home-used chairs. Usually, when it comes to gaming chairs, the price range will be around $150 to $300, which generally is one as the quality and premium range of chairs will be priced up to $1000 and above.

How Much Does Gaming Chair Cost – Everything You Need To Know

how much does gaming chair cost

Gaming chairs are specifically designed and developed for gamers, to provide them a comfortable and enriched gaming chair experience. That allows them to play games for longer durations without worrying about their body ache.

These chairs are made from highly comfortable cushions and use high-quality materials. They have adjustable height and armrest. The back support is also comfortable and lightweight which helps in maintaining the spine in its natural position thus giving you the right posture.

The gaming chair cost starts from $150 and goes up to $2000. It depends upon the features and brand.  

If you are tight on budget and want to buy the perfect gaming chair then it can be tricky. As a gaming chair cost may compromise on the quality of the material. We would suggest the following points that you should keep in your mind before making any decisions.

  • The foundation of your chairs should be strong, but for a lower budget chair is made up of plastic. Therefore, you need to check the thickness twice to ensure sturdiness. 
  • The next important point to look out for is the padding and again the more the thickness the better it is. As the cushion is thicker, you will feel more comfortable and can play for a longer duration.
  • Upholstery is another important point to check as it will help you to understand the overall quality of the chair.

A low-quality chair is not only uncomfortable but also has a shorter life expectancy and can last only for a few months. 

Ordinary Chairs vs Gaming Chairs

Ordinary chairs come with a simple design to find less comfort and not be used for long hours. The standard chairs are usually created for a particular place like house, commercial, and business areas. With less durability, the chairs last for a few years only, and the design and structure of the chairs are the same.

Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs means comfort also brings vast relaxation for every user. And it is mainly designed and developed for gamers who want to make and create gaming videos for longer sessions. Several gaming chairs come with a different price range to be afforded by everyone.

Budget Gaming Chairs

The budget gaming chairs come with less price range where people can choose their needs chairs. These chairs have fewer features when compared to premium gaming chairs. The budget chairs price will be at $150 to $300. But the quality is built with the standard materials, and it can sustain less pressure with water resistance. Some of the budget chairs are listed below,

  • OFM ESS Gaming Chair
  • RESPAWN Gaming Chair
  • Gtracing Gaming Chair
  • Dada Gaming Chair
  • Flash Gaming Chair

Premium Gaming Chairs

 The premium gaming chairs come with mid-range and high cost, which is valuable for your money. With more comfort and increased sustainability, it is more effective and efficient for a more extended session to be used over. The midrange and premium gaming chairs will be around with the price of $300 to $ 500. With different types and more adjustments, the chair is more premium in quality and durability.

  • Secretlab Titan Evo 2022
  • Logitech G x Herman Miller Embody
  • NeueChair
  • AndaSeat Kaiser
  • Noblechairs Hero

Premium Gaming Chairs With Extra Accessories

The premium gaming chairs always come with a high cost where they give all kinds of comfort, and extra accessories make the best choice for choosing them. The footrest combination, adjustment of the armrest with extra pillows, and backrest with 180’ degree bed type make it more effective. To get the significant comfort level of premium gaming chair experience, you can find the chair price at $ 500 to $1000 and above on it.

  • RESPAWN Gaming chairs
  • GTRacing Gaming Chairs
  • AKRacing

How To Choose Best Gaming Chairs Online?

Choosing online gaming chairs is simple where you need to select the best quality and brand one. Establishing the brand chairs online will result in you the best value for your money on it. Buying online will give more options based on the chair structure, design, comfort, price, and festival offer for gaming chairs. You can even find customer reviews about chairs, and long-term usage reviews give more ideas for more chairs.

Benefits Of Gaming Chairs

The gaming chairs provide the best option for more extended session gaming as well as working. With the extraordinary comfort, it gives a high quality of relaxation and more on it. Some of the significant benefits are listed below,


 When it comes to gaming chairs, the first thing to be noticed is the quality where it must sustain the high pressure and flexibility of the gamers. With the excitement and tension of gamers while gaming to be well handled by the chair.


The gaming chairs come with high standard comfort with more adjustment of armrest and backbone cushion pillows making it more effective. It also brings the best body position and posture to make the gamer focus on the screen. With best eye contact and shoulder, rest gives the gamer a more extended gaming session.

Size & Color

On the market and online, you can find more gaming chairs in different colors and sizes. In the same way, the gaming chairs come with a multi-color option and theme-based choice for the user to choose it.


The gaming chairs have many extra features where it gives a real-time experience of gaming. The sensor and vibration motor make the gamer feel the game more realistic. 

Key Factors to Consider While Buying Office Chair

Height is Adaptable

It’s important to be able to adjust the seat height of your office desk chair if you plan on working long hours. To reduce the risk of hip and back discomfort, position your seat so that your thighs are nearly level with (or slightly lower than) your hips.

If your chair is excessively high, you may have to slide forward to keep your feet on the ground, which can lead to bad posture. Your knees will be higher than your hips if your chair is excessively low, perhaps causing lower back irritation.

Controlling the Tilt

Another factor to consider when choosing a chair is the angle of your seatback. Because any chair you buy is unlikely to be exactly fitted to your body straight out of the box, the ability to alter the tilt of your chair’s back is a significant advantage.

Experts say that sitting at your computer with a “slightly reclined” posture can help protect your spine. As a result, seek a chair that allows you to tilt back slightly so that the back of the chair is at a 100 or 110-degree angle to your seat.

Dimensions of the Seat

You’ll need a chair that can fit your entire body. If you choose a seat that is too narrow, you may feel confined daily. A loose fit, on the other hand, isn’t ideal. A particularly deep chair may force some people to lean forward, while an overly broad seat may make it difficult to utilize your chair’s arms.

Check the length and width of the seat for any chair you’re contemplating to find a comfortable middle. There are other possibilities for big and tall people. Once you have the measurements of the desk chair in issue, compare them to those of your coworkers or other seats that you find comfortable.

Options for Armrests

Armrests on an office chair with adjustable arms, according to studies, may be a valuable source of support, avoiding pain not only in the forearms but also in the neck and shoulders. However, because people’s bodies vary so greatly, putting armrests on your chair does not ensure a proper fit. If your adjustable arms are set too high, for example, you may have shoulder muscular tightness as a result. You may get soreness in your forearms and wrists if they’re too low.

Many desk chairs, thankfully, allow you to modify the height of your armrests to match your desired forearm posture.

Padding and Materials

The upholstery and structure of office chairs vary greatly, so you’ll have lots of options to choose from. Mesh back chairs have a breezy feel to them, allowing your back to breathe easily. Chairs made of leather or synthetic leather have a smooth, luxury appearance that will wow coworkers and clients. Certain chairs have a firmer cushioning, while others have a milder cushioning.

It’s crucial to put long-term comfort above first impressions when you explore these options. Even if a chair looks and feels amazing, it may not provide the ergonomic support your body needs for long periods.


Whether you’re moving around your desk or scooting over to consult with a colleague, office chairs with wheels provide considerable convenience. Many swivel office chairs also allow you to pivot in your seat, allowing you to change the direction you’re facing. When you don’t want to move in these directions, you may usually “lock” your seat to keep it stable.

The most important factor to examine is quality: are the moving parts of your chair durable enough to withstand everyday use? A chair with broken casters or wheels, as well as one that frequently pivots when you’d want it to stay in one spot, can be aggravating. Reading user evaluations about the chairs you’re contemplating might help you determine their durability.

Support for the Lumbar

The lumbar area of the spine, which runs roughly between the hips and the chest, is extremely important. Even though your lower back vertebrae are the biggest and strongest in your body, they still require a lot of support daily – especially if you’ve previously had problems in this region.

Because lower back body strains are so widespread among professionals, many office chairs are labeled as lumbar support chairs because they are designed specifically to protect the lower back. However, as usual, you should think about these possibilities in light of your health and requirements. The seatback of some chairs is designed to foster a healthy, “s-shaped” spinal posture rather than slouching.


Why is it essential to buy a gaming chair?

It provides more comfort and sustains high pressure for a longer duration.

Are gaming chairs cost-effective to buy?

In the market, you can find all types of chairs based on the price range.

How many types of gaming chairs are available in both offline and online stores?

Budget gaming chairs
Mid-range gaming chairs
Premium gaming chairs

Is it reasonable to use the gaming chairs for the more extended session?

Yes, the gaming chairs give high foam of comfort and flexibility for a more extended gaming session.

Why do people always choose gaming chairs?

Mainly the gaming chairs for the comfort and quality where they can withstand high body pressure.

Final Talk

For office employees, the figure rises to 14 hours. Long hours of sitting can cause stiffness and exhaustion if one’s back is not properly supported. This is why the majority of office employees have back discomfort. Here’s when a gaming chair comes in handy! A gaming chair’s principal function is to promote optimal sitting posture.

This brings us to the end of the article. We hope we were able to assist you in your search for the finest gaming chair in India. Also, keep in mind that, while a gaming chair may be expensive, it is really helpful to your health in the long term. As a result, it is unquestionably one of the finest purchases you will ever make.

Let us know the gaming chair you intend to purchase. We are here to assist you.

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