How Long Do Massage Chairs Last? [2022]

The massage chair is a great investment for anyone who enjoys receiving massages. It’s a relaxing and therapeutic way to relieve stress and get the blood flowing. With the help of a massage chair, you can also treat your body to a variety of different massages, from deep tissue to sports massage.

When you use a massage chair, you can get rid of the aches and pains that come from a hard day at work. With a massage chair, you can also relax and unwind at home. If you’re in the market for a massage chair, there are many different models to choose from. Massage chairs can last for 15 to 20 years. But, you need to take extra care of your massage chair, though so that it can serve you for a long time. 

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How To Increase The Lifespan Of Massage Chair

The life span of a massage chair depends on how you treat it. You can increase the lifespan of your massage chair by taking proper care of it. You need to make sure that you are properly taking care of your massage chair. 


It is very important to clean your massage chair regularly. You should make sure that you are cleaning it with the proper cleaning products. You should use a cleaning spray or a vacuum cleaner to clean the massage chair. 

Using A Quality Massage Chair Cover

You should use a quality massage chair cover to protect your massage chair. The cover will protect your massage chair from dust, dirt, and scratches. You should use a cover that is specifically designed for massage chairs. It is recommended that you use a cover that is made of soft material.

Regular Maintenance

If you want your massage chair last long, then you need to look after a chair on a daily basis. You should take the time to do maintenance on your massage chair once a week. You should clean the massage chair and do some minor repairs. Also, you do a deep cleaning once a month. Moreover, you should follow the instructions that are in the manual. 

Replacing Parts

The massage chair can easily break down over time. You should check the parts of your massage chair on a regular basis. You should also replace the parts of the massage chair if you notice that it is not working properly. 

Keep The Chair Away From Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can cause the components of your massage chair to deteriorate. You should use sunscreen when you are using the chair. The sunlight can also cause the chair to fade over time. 

Keep A Massage Chair Away From Pets And Children

The children can damage the chair and the pets can scratch the massage chair. You never know when pets will attack a chair, so you should keep it away from them.

Keep Your Massage Chair In A Dry Place

You should avoid storing your massage chair in a damp place. The dampness will cause the massage chair to rot. Placing the chair in a dry place will also prevent the chair from rusting or mold from forming.

How Long Do Massage Chairs Last?

The recommended time by leading professional consultants is 15-20 mins per day. It’s an obvious thing when something provides you comfort, support, and relaxation. You want to take long sessions. Moreover, when you use it for more than 20mins. You are able to experience different effects, like burning, aches, and muscle stiffness. So, it would help if you were cautious while using it

Most massage chairs come up with advanced features like a timer set, auto shut-off, and programmable massage functions. You can set it for a specific time, or you can choose a pre-set message pattern. It also has a timer, so that you can choose how long you want to spend. All of these functions will help you to not extend the massage session in order to stay healthy.

You can take massage sessions for 3-4 days per week. If you use a massage chair for stress relief or relaxation, use it 1-3 times a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Is It Safe To Use A Massage Chair?

If you use massage chairs safely, you need to use them 1-3 times per week. Depending on your body’s needs, you can use your massage chair more or less often.

Are Vibrating Massage Chairs Good For You?

The vibrating massage chair is a great way to improve mood. Plus, the vibrating chair helps you to regulate mood and happiness, and balance the overall mood.  

Does A Massage Chair Release Toxins?

The kneading techniques are helpful for releasing toxins. Keep in mind, that the toxins are not released by the massage chair itself. The toxins are released by your body. 

Is A Massage Chair Good For Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that affects the joints, muscles, and ligaments. With the help of a massage chair, you can get rid of the pain and stiffness.  

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Using A Massage Chair?

The excessive use of massage chairs leads to muscle damage, bruised tissues, and nerve damage. To prevent these problems, you need to use your massage chair only 1-3 times per week.


A massage chair can provide you a complete body relaxation. It is a very effective way to overcome tension, muscle pain, and stress. The average lifespan of a massage chair is 15 years. However, there are a few factors that could shorten this time. These factors include improper maintenance, poor installation, and not following the manufacturer’s instructions. The best way to prolong the life of your massage chair is to clean it properly. Cleaning the massage chair will help reduce bacteria and dust that can accumulate in the chair. Which will help prevent the need for frequent repairs.

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