How Far Should Chairs Be From Fire Pit? – Safety Tips [2022]

One of the most often concerns we hear is how far should chairs be from a fire pit? With so many factors, it’s difficult to provide a single response that will please everyone.

We’ve put up some suggestions to help you decide on the ideal distance for your patio or garden space. To have a pleasant backyard, you must have the ideal fire pit for your yard. Having that focal point, whether built-in or propane gas, will draw everyone together and serve as a spot to sit and enjoy one other’s company.

There are various things to consider when designing where seats should be within easy access from the Pit itself to guarantee that this experience is precisely what you want out of your fire pit.

Let’s dive into this and to no more about how far should chairs be from a fire pit?

How Far Away From A Fire Pit Should Seating Be?

how far should chairs be from fire pit

The optimum distance between seats and a wood-burning fire pit is around seven feet (2 Meters). And a 3-foot space is advised for a gas fire pit (1 Meter).

Wood-burning fire pits provide far more heat than gas fire pits. You can get a better view of a gas fire pit. Not only that, but because a gas fire pit burns continuously, you don’t have to shift your chair around for optimal warmth because you’re already sitting. Make sure there is enough room for people to stroll across to go closer or further away from the fire pit. It is critical not to obstruct traffic movement with furniture! You also don’t want people strolling into a zone where hot embers may land on their feet!

Remember this while selecting which way your seats will face. It’s great to choose a beautiful wide-open spot so everyone can see what’s happening around them to know how far should chairs be from a fire pit.

How Far Away From A Fire Pit Should A Bench Be?

how far should chairs be from fire pit

A decent rule of thumb for fire pit bench seating is to leave at least seven feet of space around the perimeter of the fire pit. The extra space offered by this distance allows guests to wander freely around the benches and furnishings. It also allows users to move the seats away from the flames if they like.

It will seem cramped and unpleasant if the area is too tiny. Individuals may even be compelled to sit close together on benches or furniture in order to obtain a good view of the fire pit, which can lead to awkward circumstances and sentiments amongst people (particularly those who are unfamiliar with one another).

Addition — Using centrally positioned seats away from the fire’s perimeter is a fantastic approach to provide a sense of intimacy without blocking off any places surrounding your fire pit seating area. Placing one bench directly in front of another might box off that area of your outdoor room, but two “facing” benches can give allure and comfort while surrendering very little open space and you will get to know how far should chairs be from a fire pit.

How Far Away From A Fire Pit Should A Chair Be?

A decent rule of thumb is to leave at least 7 feet around the perimeter of a fire pit to allow for chairs or other furnishings as well as comfortable walking space. If you’re still unclear about the size, mark the fire pit and place seats around it to see how much room you’ll need.

The size of the pit is the first step in deciding how much room you’ll need for a fire pit and sitting area to know the exact distance about how far should chairs be from the fire pit.

Fire pits are typically situated in the middle to be enjoyed from all sides, so leave adequate space around it for seating. Also, make sure there is adequate space for people to walk around the pit securely.

You want enough space for people to sit but not so much that those who are seated have nowhere to move if someone else wants to get by. Determine the bare minimum of chairs you believe you’ll require, and then add a few extra just in case. Visual assistance makes it simpler to understand how this works.

How Many Chairs Can Fit Around a Fire Pit?

A wood-burning fire pit requires two to six big chairs, but a gas fire pit requires two to four seats. Four to six seats can comfortably surround a large-sized pit for a long period of time. A fire pit is a terrific addition to any backyard, but there are numerous considerations to consider when selecting the appropriate one.

The amount of seats that can fit around it is merely one consideration. You should also consider how big the space surrounding it will be and what material you want your fire pit to be built of to get more about how far should chairs be from a fire pit.

It is preferable if this option may be made prior to purchase so that there are no difficulties with installation or usage later on!

What Kinds of Chairs Work Well Around a Fire Pit?

Adirondack chairs are the most popular choice for seating around a fire pit. They are low, comfy chairs with a broad armrest that may be used to store food and drinks.

Fire safety should always be a major issue when it comes to fire pits. Chairs constructed of steel or aluminum with no cushions are the most fire-resistant. They may be the most convenient for you as well. Cushioned seats, on the other hand, will be preferred by many people. Fire will destroy soft, cushioned seats. Sunbrella is a flame-resistant cloth, for example. On your soft cushioned seats, though, you might apply a fire retardant.

To be fire-resistant, the fabric must be able to endure the heat. Fire-resistant (FR) fabric is difficult to catch fire in, but when it does, the fire burns so slowly that it self-extinguishes.

A cloth that has been treated with a chemical to make it fire-resistant is referred to as “fire retardant.” The final line is that embers from a wood-burning fire must be avoided unless you want metal fire pit seats. It is never a good idea to leave a fire pit unattended. Keep a fire blanket, sand bucket, water bucket, small water spray bottle, or fire extinguisher on hand at all times. If embers fall upon a cushioned chair, be prepared to extinguish them.

Are Built-in Benches Necessary Around Fire Pits?

Benches are a great addition to firepits since they enable extra seating at once. Benches substantially enhance the number of people who can sit around a fire pit while also improving the appearance of the pit.

More and more people are deciding to install a fire pit in their backyard. It’s not just about the warmth and beauty of these outdoor elements; it’s also about spending time with family while resting around the fire.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much space is required for seats around a fire pit?

A decent rule of thumb is to provide at least 7 feet of space around all outside corners of a fire pit to allow for chairs or other furniture and for people to stroll comfortably.

How much distance should there be between the couch and the fire pit?

18-24″ is a decent rule of mind for the distance between the fire pit and seats, however, this may be customized based on the size of your patio or terrace.


Last but not least we have concluded how far should chairs be from a fire pit and that the distance between your seats and a fire pit should be roughly 7 feet.

This will provide enough room for guests to feel comfortable without being too far away from the heat or flames.

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