Herman Miller Embody vs Aeron: Which Is Best For You? [2022]

If you wonder which office chair you should invest in, you can blindly go for the  Herman Miller Aeron chair. It is among the top office chairs in the market. Everything makes it a value for money, from size, adjustability, design, comfort, and pricing. The same firm produces another excellent product that is now catching colossal attention. The Herman Miller Embody is now getting quite popular, having the exact pricing as the   Herman Miller Aeron chair. So there exists an apparent comparison between the two. And you should know which one you must purchase, which one is the best. Don’t worry if you confuse between the two, as this article will guide you through everything you need to know about Herman Miller Embody Vs. Aeron. Here you will find every key specification you must learn to make a well-informed decision. 

Herman Miller Embody Vs Aeron Comparison


Pricing is one of the essential factors to look for when deciding about making a purchase. But in this case, both office chairs come in an affordable range. The Aeron starts at $1,095, but the price can double up (nearly $1,995) when fully equipped. On the other hand, the Embody begins at $1,495, but the fully equipped version comes at $1,895. So you will need to pay approximately $100 less if you buy the fully equipped Embody one than the Aeron one. Both chairs feature a Logitech gaming version, too ($1,595 for the Embody, $1,495 for the Aeron).

Herman Miller Embody vs Aeron: (COLOR)

The color scheme is essential to consider while picking up an office chair. The Embody one features a bright blue rear, whereas the Aeron one is black. 

Since they are both meant for office use, there are few color options available. While the Aeron is only available in grays and blacks, the Embody comes with white accents and many upholstery colors, green, blue, and red.

Herman Miller Embody vs Aeron: Design

The back and seat mechanism is notable for the two office chairs. The Embody offers a high upholstered appearance, while the Aeron offers a mesh seat and back. If you want a highly adjustable chair, the Aeron one will be your best pick. This one comes in three sizes so that you can select the perfect one based on your height and shape.

Both the seats let you choose the specific type of back support you want. You can choose anything from basic, adjustable lumbar to adjustable Posturefit SL. You also get to select the tilt mechanism, partly or complete adjustability, fixed arms, and the quality of the arm pads. You can also like which sort of casters you would prefer.

Herman Miller Embody vs Aeron: Adjustability

The Aeron one lets you adjust the arms, seat height, forward tilt, tilt tension, and lumbar support if you purchase the fully equipped one. In addition to these adjustability features, the Embody one also allows you to adjust the tilt limiter, seat depth, and back portion.

Herman Miller Embody vs Aeron: Quality Construction

Both of the chairs top our list of the best office chair available in the market. The Aeron one has secured a benchmark of 95/100 for its construction quality. But the Embody one also scored 89/100 in the same category.

Both office chairs got constructed in the United States of America by following all the necessary quality measures. That’s why they both are the leading office chairs, with each of them having unique functioning principles and fantastic design.

Herman Miller Embody vs Aeron: Seat Reliability

The Embody’s rear is pretty big. It does not offer a different frame. But because it is highly adaptable, you will use the full seat. Although the fabric used in the rear part does not possess uniqueness, the upholstery technology is highly advanced. The seat is constructed using a four-layer design that provides support, flexibility, and breathability.

It also includes a unique pixelated support system. to provide a relaxing experience, the plastic pixels move according to your body weight. But a few users had an issue with the Embody chair as they could feel each pixel.  

Herman Miller Embody vs Aeron: Support for the Backrest

Although including a solid curvature in the lumbar, it does not include lumbar adjustability. But the high back offers you complete support while allowing you all the space for free movements. It also features the same pixel system as the rear.

Some users expressed dissatisfaction with the back design of Embody. They claimed that the backrest is designed so that it puts their shoulders in an awkward position.

Herman Miller Embody vs Aeron: Armrest Comfort

Herman Miller Embody vs Aeron

The backrest links the arms of the Aeron. So They move with you when you relax in the chair. 

It features pivotable arms with significant depth adjustment; they are best suited for long hours of typing. The arm pads are pretty large with curvature. The best thing about Aeron is that it features incredibly soft and thick cushions to give you all-day comfort.

On the contrary, The Embody’s seat links to its arms. But they stay in place with you when you recline. You may adjust the arms to a wide range of heights and widths. The Embody offers a feature that the Aeron lacks width adjustability. It lacks the modification of the arm pads on the Embody. They are vast and rectangular. 

Herman Miller Embody vs Aeron: Upholstery Options

The upholstery mechanism of the Embody and Aeron is noticeably different. They both have a common aspect of possessing a limited color palette. The Aeron comes in three color options, whereas the Embody comes in ten. The colors Aeron offers are neutral to be suitable for most office areas.

The Embody offers two patterns, which are primarily solid and have a limited color palette


Why are both of these Herman Miller Embody Control chairs so high?

The Herman Miller Embody Control chairs are so high because they offer many advantages. Both versions possess immense quality and are made in the US. You also get to use the industry-leading guarantee, and it comes entirely equipped. However, because these chairs are so separate from one another, you must select which attributes are the most essential to you.

How is Herman Miller’s Embody design different from Aeron?

In contrast to the all-mesh design of the Aeron, the Embody includes a more conventional kind of upholstery. The Aeron offers a form-fitting mesh seat, while the Embodies pixelated support system and four-layer seat provide a gentler ride.

Which one is best?

The Aeron has a broad back, including medium back height, while the Embody includes a distinctive high back with a narrow breadth. Both office chairs offer soft armrests. However, the arm adjustments of the Embody one are perfect for a wider variety of users. The Aeron’s arms are meant for long typing works.


I hope this comparison has helped show the differences between the Herman Miller Embody Size and the Aeron. These models can be highly great selections, but they will not be perfect for every user. So, it is vital to know your most preferred criteria to select the best-suited one.

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