10 Best Lazy Boy Office Chair – [Updated Review] 2022

Do you think it’s possible to sit in an uncomfortable chair for the long term? Of course, specifically, if it comes to working in an office, an uncomfortable seat always hurts. When you choose to sit for many hours it will cause severe issues in your body. Undoubtedly, posture is essential for all. Suppose if it’s changed, you ought to face so many consequences.

Of course, the working space-time will differ from one another. In such a case, sitting on an uncomfortable chair for so many hours is unhealthy in many ways. At first, it may look like a normal pain, and later, it will become the one you can’t treat. Before it gets late, you should look for the best chair that will give comfortable seating.

Are you still looking for the right chair for your office? You do not want to stress at all when lazy boy office chair is available on the market. La-Z-Boy has numerous variants you ought to decide wisely and then invest in the best chair. The foremost reason why you should choose an office chair is to work peacefully.

Yes, only when the factors of your working environment are significant can one efficiently work and then increase productivity without any doubt? Once you get any backache or shoulder ache, all you do is adjust the desk’s height and then the sitting position right. No matter how properly you sit, an uncomfortable chair will make you worse even in some minutes.

Undoubtedly, you can’t work by sitting on a chair for long hours. That is why you should look for the best office chair. The office chair does not cost too much. Most people step back from purchasing it by considering its price. The way it is designed will make you sit on the chair and allow you to enhance your productivity without any doubt. 

No matter what, if you want to feel less stressed even after sitting on the chair for long hours, you should look at the lazy boy office chair for comfy seating. You know, while sitting on the chair, your whole body should need proper support, and it must be in a rest state. Of course, arms and legs are the parts that will move. 

You are needless to ask these questions when you specifically invest in the office chair. To know why to invest in La-Z-Boy, continue to read the article. 


The La-Z-Boy company was founded in 1927. The company manufactures innovative and high-quality products. That’s why the company is called True Innovations. Plus, it makes the customers desirably invest in the company’s product. The industry intends to offer satisfied service to the customers. Thus, investing in the La-Z-Boy brand is always worth it. 

What Makes The Lazy Boy Office Chair Best Among All?

best lazy boy office chair

Even if you look at an office chair in some other brands, nothing can match the quality and features available in a lazyboy office chair and it applies to all models. Yes, the brand has various numbers of chair models to choose from. Mainly, the chair use bonded leather material that will give sleek appeal. 

One of the unique features you should notice in La-Z-Boy is its armrests and bases since it is made from solid and durable wood. Along with that, the brand is available with numerous features compared with the typical chairs. Another thing that makes the chair a fantastic choice is its memory foam for padding.

Be it any model of La-Z-Boy chairs, it has backrests s-shaped and has built-in lumbar support. Importantly, every model of the chair in the brand has an adjustable height, recline, and tilt.


  • Available with executive design
  • The chairs use bonded leather upholstery
  • It comes with a solid wood base and armrests
  • Provided with memory foam cushioning
  • Built-in lumbar support is the highlight

Are you confused about what the La-Z-Boy office chair should pick? If you are going to invest in an office chair, looking at various chair reviews always means a lot. Thus to make your task less stressful, the top 10 La-Z-Boy office chairs reviews are provided below. Have a look at the review and pick one that suits you. 

10 Best Lazy Boy Office Chair Of 2022

best lazy boy office chair

La-Z-Boy Bellamy Executive Office Chair

This La-Z-Boy office chair model is everyone’s choice. Significantly, you will fall for the ergonomic design with its built-in lumbar support and the waterfall seat edge. Undoubtedly, lumbar support is essential, and it will give an S-shape of the back. Truly, it is designed in that way; thus, it is perfect for your spine. 

When you sit in the waterfall seat while sitting, it will surely help you reduce overall body stress. Plus, it will do your work happily. The way this chair is furnished uses bonded leather. It is well known for its easy clean and maintenance. Notably, it matches the office that has classic settings and features. 

At the same time, it has an excellent style. It has solid wood arms and a base that can hold up to 250 lbs. The premium cushioning has an advanced layering system that will give excellent support. The user can adjust the chair according to their choice including height, recline, and tilt settings. 


  • The memory foam cushion makes you comfort.
  • It is available in black and brown color.
  • It fits office settings perfectly.


  • Sometimes it will make you uncomfortable, especially when you sit for the first time.

La-Z-Boy Delano Big And Tall Office Chair

When it comes to the La-Z-Boy office chair, the Delano Big and tall office chair is the topmost one. The chair is designed in a big and tall way. It has a foam cushion; thus, the users who sit on the chair feel comfy, and it is best for office use as well. The way it is furnished is entirely soft and rigid leather which is the central highlight. 

Yes, it makes the chair look great and stylish. No matter what, using a strong leather chair is an excellent choice for people who work. Undoubtedly, the chair is sturdy. It is available in soft leather with solid wood arms. When you sit, it feels like a cloud, and in such a way, it is smooth. The way the cushion is used in the chair is the main feature. 

Of course, it will give better comfort. Notably, it is featured with excellent height, recline adjustability, and tilt. Thus, it suits the highly tall people. Also, as mentioned before, it is designed for big and tall people, and that’s why it has an advanced lumbar panel. It helps you get rid of back pain. It has a perfect design and features. 


  • It has layered Memory-Foam cushions.
  • One can easily adjust through levers.
  • Best office chair to use daily.


  • There is no proper instruction to assemble.
  • Cheap casters.

La-Z-Boy Hyland Executive Office Chair

The Hyland chair is furnished in bonded leather. Plus, it will provide a better cushioning feature too. The color of the chair is dark brown. Along with that, the wooden finish will give a classic look to the chair. Notably, the seat and backrest of the chair have enough memory foam to make the body feel comfortable after resting.

By sitting on the comfortable foam, you are all set to get back the lost shape easily. Yes, the backrest is curvy, and it has a built-in lumbar cushion that will easily flex the way you move. The chair will slope; however, it does not recline. When it comes to the adjustment, one can even change height and slope. Compared with the usual model chair, the backrest is a bit higher, which is 27’’ high.

The overall width is 20.3’’, and it is enough for you, the user, to sit comfortably. It feels straightforward to assemble the chair. All you want to do is follow the instructions. Undoubtedly, Hyland is an excellent model chair for the office. It comes with a built-in lumbar area with extra cushions. 

The model has a thicker plywood sub-core to enhance its durability. The backrest is shorter than 25’’. However, the armrest is padded; thus, your arms feel soft. 


  • Armrests are padded.
  • Available with cushion seat.
  • Stylish design.


  • Not suitable for all users

La-Z-Boy Bellamy Bonded Leather Executive Office

Bellamy is all about its charm. If you are looking for an attractive office chair for your workspace, it is an excellent choice. It has beautiful wood accents with various ergonomic features. A noteworthy part about Bellamy is it can hold up to 400 pounds. Therefore, a well-grown adult who is high in weight also can sit comfortably. 

Alongside you are allowed to change up to four inches in height from 18 inches to 22 inches. Therefore, it matches even for the big as well as tall people. It doesn’t matter what flooring is done in your office; it includes hardwood, plush carpet, and tile flooring the chair suits best. If you have reviewed the executive office chair before then, you know it has more minor adjustments. 

However, Bellamy is a varied one that has a lot of flexible options. When it comes to tilting range, it is from 90 to 120 degrees. Further, the chair has height adjustability, a 360-degree swivel, and tilt tension control features. Consequently, one can adjust the chair easily; a waterfall-edge style seat lets the users sit conveniently. 

The nature of the seat slopes downward; thus, it will help to get rid of the pressure on the user’s thighs. As a result, the user’s blood circulation reaches the lower body and will help in the knee pain. 


  • The chair’s rigid wood base and arm finish give a unique look to your office.
  • The layered cushion foam makes your body feel relaxed.
  • The user feels easy to make any adjustments easily.
  • Through the lumbar zone and water edge seat, one can sit even for the whole day.
  • Cheaper one.


  • It supports up to 250 pounds. 

La-Z-Boy Miramar Executive Chair 

A notable feature of the Miramar executive chair is its well-padded feature. All because it will easily suit the office appeal. Doubtlessly it is a comfortable office chair option with different layers of comfort and ergonomic adjustments. Also, it will give the perfect balance to the user. The Miramar chair is a combination of bonded leather upholstery and wood; therefore, it looks costlier. 

The chair’s color is taupe; thus, it perfectly matches with darker, marble-finished mocha-colored wood. For sure, you will fall in love with the style. The chair has a cushion and padding that will create a better foaming layer. This chair armrest gets the award since it is super comfy and can let the users sit even for several hours. 

The chair’s appeal is the notable one, and it can offer various benefits while sitting on the chair. 


  • The chair looks great against the light and dark colors.
  • The recline and ergonomics is suitable for all set of users.
  • It comes with the better cushioning option. 


  • Make you little bit discomfort.
  • Does not available in various colors.
  • Take time to assemble the armrest.

High-Back Bonded Leather Executive Chair 

No matter what, this is the best chair in the middle of various La-Z-Boy chair collections. The reason is that it is ultra-padded and supportive for day-in-and-day-out use. Thus, people who choose to work day and night can surely go for the chair. Importantly, it comes within your budget, and it is a worthy investment. 

The chair is available in classy brown, cream, or black variations. Therefore, pick your desirable color easily that goes well with your office setting. Notably, the chair can support weights up to 275 lbs. Henceforth, even heavyweight people can also straightforwardly sit. It can also swivel from one place to another up to 360 degrees and is rigid. Through a flip-up armrest, you can save a lot of space. 

The highlighted feature is its sectioned support for the overall body. Likewise, it has superb facilities, and notably, its flip-up armrests let you place the chair easily anywhere. The five-point aluminum base and a high back give comfort and stability while sitting. The segmented padded support and its simple design provide an attractive look to your office space. The used leather is soft, and it does not take much heat hence can sit for several hours. 


  • The chair has a moderate price range.
  • It comes with a better design that matches the office setting.
  • Provided with lumbar support.


  • The seat becomes hot when it gets immediate sunlight.
  • It has imitation leather.

La-Z-Boy Greyson Modern Executive Chair

The La-Z-Boy Greyson modern executive office chair is provided with solid wood arms and a wheeled base. The high-quality cushion foam always keeps your back and spine comfy at all times. The wooden arms and 5-star base will let you roll smoothly to any place. Undoubtedly, it is a suitable and best office chair that is meant for various purposes as well.

The chair is manufactured in a modern design; thus, there is no doubt it will fit in any place and give a better look. Specifically, for the wide-open office space, it is the best chair. Of course, everyone’s choice is to purchase a sleek and smooth chair for office use. In such a situation, choosing this chair will help you in many ways. 

Importantly, it comes with adjustable height, recline, and tilt. Thus, the user can adjust the options according to their choice. The chair has ergonomic memory foam cushioning that will offer proper support to your spine and back. As a result, you will sit healthily. The strong wood used in the arms of the chair and base will help to give support to the whole body. 


  • The chair has an aesthetic, modern, and stylish design.
  • It will give comfort and convenience to sit even for long term.
  • The chair comes in various three colors such as brown, black and grey. 


  • It does not suit everyone’s choice. 

La-Z-Boy Fairmont Executive Office Chair

Amongst various La-Z-Boy chairs, the Fairmont executive office chair is the winner. All because it stands unique through its comfortable seating. One thing you should notice in the chair is that it can bear up to 400 pounds. By this, you can understand that heavyweight adults can also sit comfortably.

This chair is wholly manufactured in a friendly way. It has memory foam multi-layered cushions that support the overall body part. The body pillow is the notable one. Also, it is placed in the right way to provide zone-based support and superb comfort to your back. The padded headrest is responsible for offering relaxation to people. 

Once you rest on the headrest will make you warm and allow you to work peacefully. Undoubtedly, it will make you feel fresh and will let you work happily. Be it the new work or the existing one, you can do it with zero stress. It comes with excellent durability, and it is made with a thick plywood sub-core, reinforced back bar, and heavy-duty casters to sit for several hours. 

You will surely fall by looking at the chair’s appearance since it is brown bonded leather that will offer a classic look.


  • The chair comes with complete adjusting options.
  • It provides zone-based support.
  • It is manufactured with thick plywood sub-core; thus, it has a unique look.


  • It does not suit tall people.
  • Create some noise while moving. 

La-Z-Boy Melrose Adjustable High Back Ergonomic Chair

Though various chair models arrived on the market still the craze for leather chairs is on top. Thus, for the white leather chair, it is an ideal chair. Yes, Melrose offers you the best leather chair to sit and work on. In the chair, the upholstery was made from white bonded leather. It is a combination of brass, and the style of this chair is unique.

Importantly, it is the best chair for both regular and even large-sized humans. Of course, anyone can sit comfortably. The cushion present in the chair is made from high-density foam. Therefore, you are all set to conveniently sit even for several hours. Never miss out on its fantastic built-in lumbar support. 

It is the crucial reason to sit on a chair for several hours. You know if you sit comfortably and adequately, then your back and spine will thank you. Notably, the chair is 21’’ wide; thus, one can obtain better convenience while sitting. 

Specifically, when you choose to work by sitting in a chair, you can enhance your productivity without any doubt. Of course, you can sit straight for 8 hours. If you want to adjust the height, you can do it from 18.5’’ to 21.5’’ off the ground. It has a weight capacity of 250 lbs; thus, adults are all also easily seated. 


  • Suits for all.
  • It has high-density foam.
  • In-built lumbar support.
  • Comfortable to sit.


  • The chair will take a considerable time to assemble. Yes, it will take 30 minutes.

La-Z-Boy Bennett Ergonomic Office Chair

The Bennett stands out from the other types of exclusive office chairs. Importantly, this chair is available at a reasonable cost when compared with different styles. This suits best for the people who have average size bodies. The overall support of the chair is only 250 pounds. Its width is up to 26 inches. Thus, it is not the best choice for big and tall people. 

One thing that makes this chair a masterpiece is its wooden inlays and vertical stitching. Yes, it looks best and however, it is low in cost. Also, this chair easily fits on any of your workspaces because it has a neutral color, and the design is thin. Just because it matches people’s standard size, you should not forget to look at its unique features.

Of course, the Bennet is provided with a contoured lumbar back support, and it’s enough for you to sit in a comfortable position. Also, one can develop the practice of sitting correctly. It means a lot to your health. It has multiple adjustability ways including height, recline, and tilt settings. Along with the chair comes padded headrests to make your head upright. 

This will make you lean back while resting. The cushion in the seat is premium; thus, you feel relaxed once you sit on the chair. Of course, from my legs to my spine, I will be in the rest position. 


  • Reasonable cost compared with other La-Z-Boy models. 
  • It has adjustable features recline, adjustable height, and tilt
  • Provided with built-in lumbar for lower back support.
  • The high-quality cushion seat lets you sit comfortably. 
  • The vertical stitching and wooden inlays give a luxurious look.
  • It is available in three colors. 


  • The armrests are not padded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an office chair necessary to invest in?

Undoubtedly, it’s an essential one. Since it is well-designed, even if you sit for a while does not affect your health at any cost.

What do features want to check in an office chair?

Proper Back and Lumbar Support
Adjustable arms
Adjustable Handle
Adjustable tilt tension control

Does the La-Z-Boy office chair have variants?

Yes, the brand has a lot of variants to choose from. 

What is the average weight of an office chair?

The average weight may vary between 22 and 27 kg. But it can hold up to 113 kg. 

Does the color of the office chair matter?

Yes, you must purchase the right color that suits your office setting.


Thus, finally, you have reached the end of the review. By checking the reviews of the top 10 best lazy boy office chairs you got some idea right. All the chairs are unique and the best in the way. However, you only know what suits and is comfortable for you. In such a case, you should look for the right chair with exclusive features. 

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