Best Gaming Chair With Footrest – Buying Guide [Updated Review 2022]

Gaming chairs are most important for gamers because every gamer spends their maximum time on their gaming chairs only. Best chairs for gaming are not only for comfort but also for the health protection body. This gaming chair with a footrest will be beneficial for live streaming gamers to sit in one place and play for continuous hours. A perfect gaming setup starts with the proper and comfortable gaming chair.

To choose the best gaming chair brand, People should start with system compatibility. It is essential to check whether it suits the system. There are different chairs for various gaming setups, so checking the system compatibility is very important. The PC gaming chair will not provide the same comfort as a racer gaming chair, so it differs for every gaming setup.

Any discomfort in the seat may affect the gameplay. And it may also affect the health conditions of the user. The Comfort level of the chair is essential for the stable mental and physical health of the gamers. Some features like material quality, adjustment features, and tech are the primary requirements for a perfect gaming chair, and pleasing appearance and affordable costs are the essential requirements for the best gaming chair.

Most gaming chair manufacturers concentrate on comfort and additional features like footrest, hand rest, etc. The adjustable part of the gaming chair with a footrest makes it more useful for people of all sizes and heights and helps with good posture maintenance. Using gaming chairs will increase the stability and improve the gameplay quality of the user. There are many gaming chairs available with different quality and price ranges.

Everything You Need To Know About Best Gaming Chair With Footrest

best gaming chair with footrest

These types of gaming chairs contain extended footrests for users to rest their legs on them. It also has a zero-gravity reclining option which is very helpful for users to relax and enjoy the total comfort of the gaming chair. These footrests are the part of the gaming chair that lies under the seating, and it moves forward and stands straight parallel to the seat in which users will place their legs.

These footrests are the attachment for high-level comfort and to reduce pain in long-period usage. Using the footrest and reclinable backrest distributes the user’s weight commonly throughout the chair. This type of gaming chair with a footrest is beneficial for reading books, taking a nap, or even playing console games. Both the seating and the footrest will have the same cushion and cover in most gaming chairs.

This chair with a footrest is for gamers and people who spend more time in front of the screen. Gaming chairs with footrests will be a perfect choice for people with some health complications on their legs. The gaming chairs are the advanced and futuristic development of furniture that increases the gaming experience for all gamers. There are many kinds of gaming chairs and gaming chairs with footrests available in the market.

Best Gaming Chair With Footrest Of 2022

Though there are many gaming chairs with footrests available, only a few are good at all aspects. This list consists of all the best gaming chairs that have all kinds of facilities and comfort. In These Four chairs, each one of the chairs is best in a different category.

  • Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair
  • Homall Gaming Recliner Chair racing style
  • Homall Gaming Chair
  • Pulaski Recliner

1. Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

This gaming chair brand is the best in all aspects, and this gaming chair has many advanced features. This gaming chair consists of an inbuilt foldable footrest that allows users to kick back and play games with a high comfort level. This chair has different features like dirt and fade-resistant PU leather, and it is immune to water. It also contains high-density memory foam, which is the primary reason for the comfort of the chair.

This gaming chair is the best option for players who play for an extended period. It has some features like a height adjustment facility for both the seat and armrests. This chair has the capacity of leaning back up to 180 degrees so, even the user can use this chair for taking little naps. It has a detachable neck pillow to avoid neck-related problems. This neck pillow is washable and dust and fade resistant as the same as the seats.

Ficmax ergonomic gaming chair contains a unique feature for a light massage at the back or the lumbar support. This lumbar support has a massaging device that runs with USB power to increase the user’s comfort. This gaming chair is available on all kinds of online shopping platforms with some offers at the original rate. The footrest of this chair is the center of attraction.

This footrest has a folding capacity so users can fold the footrest if it is not necessary. This chair comes with different color variants and even in various styles. So it will be a treat for people who love gaming chairs with different styles and colors. The weight capacity of the chair is about 250 pounds with a solid make. These are the features available with the Ficmax ergonomic gaming chair.


  • This chair provides incredible comfort
  • It has several adjustment options
  • Massage option with USB port
  • Various style and color option
  • Easily storable footrest


  • Little bit costly
  • Less weight capacity

These are the pros and cons of the best gaming chairs of all time: Ficmax ergonomic gaming chairs.

2. Homall Gaming chair

This gaming chair is the best affordable chair because this chair has all kinds of features and comes at a low cost. This gaming chair will be the best option for a good quality gaming chair at the best price. It contains PU leather cushioning which is similar to the Ficmax chairs. The backrest of this chair includes holes for free air movement to the user’s body and keep them cool. This chair will be a better option for gamers who live in a warm and closed environment.

The adjustment option is available only with the chair’s height, and the armrest height adjustment option is unavailable. This chair has 160 degrees of the reclining angle at the back. This gaming chair has the opportunity to adjust the head pillow as per the requirements, and it is also detachable, so it will be easy to clean. This head pillow is also with the same kind of material as the seats.

The footrest of this chair is also foldable and detachable for various purposes. This footrest will reside at the bottom of the seat after folding. The weight capacity of this chair is about 280 pounds, and it is 20 pounds higher than the previous chair. This chair has many features similar to the best and most costly chair but, this chair is available at an affordable price. This gaming chair will be the best option for gamers looking for a good quality chair for the best and lowest cost.


  • This chair provides high-level comfort
  • Effective adjustment features
  • Easily storeable footrest
  • Affordable price
  • Best weight capacity than other chairs


  • No armrest adjustment
  • No message option

3. Homall Gaming Recliner

This gaming chair will be a perfect option for gamers who play console games instead of pc games. This chair contains PU leather with memory foam, and this chair has a neck pillow and many other features similar to the other best gaming chairs. Homall gaming recliner chair is famous for its 180-degree reclining option, making it more comfortable and best for relaxation.

This gaming chair also has a foldable footrest which is to enhance the comfort level of the user. This chair is the best option for console game players, and it increases their comfort level and makes their gameplay more enjoyable. The weight capacity of this gaming chair is about 265 pounds. The weight capacity of this chair may be below, but the features and ability of this chair are so high.


  • High level of comfort
  • Footrest with compact folding
  • Large reclining angle
  • Every cost-efficient


  • Less weight capacity
  • Limited color and style

These are the basic features, pros, and cons of the Homall recliner gaming chair, which is the best option for gamers who play with a console instead of a PC.

4. Pulaski Recliner Gaming Chair

This gaming chair is the best option for people who don’t worry about the price. Like the Homall gaming chair, this chair is also suitable for console games only. Most of the popular console gamers use this kind of gaming chair only. This whole gaming chair has faux leather that is also known as artificial or vegan leather. The cushioning feature of this chair is softer and airier for use.

This Faux leather and memory foam are the components for providing an extreme comfort level to the users. This chair contains wiring within the chair, and it has a single wall outlet slot and two USB ports at the armrest of the gaming chair. All these slots are for charging devices from the level of comfort itself. This option is to power all the peripherals while playing the game. This option makes the players more comfortable and convenient.

The weight capacity of the chair is about 300 pounds. This chair will be the best option for people who need the best and don’t worry about the price. This gaming chair is costly, and most people refuse to buy it because of its rate. These are the advantages of the pulaski recliner gaming chair. Like all other chairs, this chair also has great footrests and recliner options.


  • This chair is incredibly comfortable
  • Efficient peripheral charging ports
  • Foldable footrest
  • Ultimate weight capacity


  • Very expensive
  • It comes in limited style and color

These are the primary features and abilities of the Pulaski reclining gaming chair, and the pros and cons explain in detail. All the characteristics of the gaming chair are available with this chair. The only change is the price value.

Different Types of Gaming Chairs With Footrest

There are two types of footrest gaming chairs: living room footrest chair and office room footrest chair, and these two types of chairs depend on the place where the players use them. Each type of gaming chair contains different kinds of features and facilities. In both the varieties it has different colors and different styles. So the user will have more options for selecting a perfect living room style or office room style chair.

Most footrest gaming chairs for the living room will be under $200. It is the maximum amount, and it has various features. This type of chair will not have armrest adjustments because the armrest adjustment is for adjusting as per the desk’s height, but in living room chairs, it is not necessary. The padded and fixed armrest is enough for this chair.

The office room gaming chair has adjustable armrests, suitable for both office work and gaming. This adjustment will help the user to match the height of the gaming desk or the work desk. And if it’s time for relaxing, the user can use the footrest and reclining option for relaxing. These are the two different types of gaming chairs with footrest and reclining options.

Living Room Gaming Chairs

best gaming chair with footrest

The main two features of a living room gaming chair are the fixed armrest and the flat seat. Most living room gaming chairs come with flat and wide seats. But the racing chairs will have some bumps and flats all over. These flat base seats are best for leg movements and also help users to sit with cross legs. This type of living room chair will be the best companion for console gamers.  This chair provides good positioning and many other health benefits.

Some of the best living room chairs are there, which have different features, colors, and styles. Many living room gaming chairs are available with footrests, but these are the best.

  • FantasyLab-8257s
  • Respawn 110
  • Killabee 9015 footrest recliner
  • Elecwish footrest chair

FantasyLab 8257s

 This gaming chair brand is a sub-brand of Killabee. The Killabee is well known for its cheap, solid, and durable gaming chairs, and this brand provides good quality tall chairs for a higher price; this chair is also a living room type of chair, and it has five varieties of color chairs. This chair can handle 400 pounds of weight, and this type of gaming chair is a comprehensive model with heavy-duty support.

This gaming chair has features like fixed padded armrests, and it has the reclining option of about 175 degrees. This chair has a foldable soft footrest, seat height adjuster, high standard PU leather, neck and lumbar support cushions, and high-density foam paddings. FantasyLabs 8257 product gets a one-year warranty from the leading company Killabee.


  • The maximum weight handling capacity of 400 pounds.
  • It has standard PU leather for comfort


  • Only a few color variants

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair

This gaming chair contains a heavy-duty metal frame to withstand the total weight of the user, and it has all the essential features like all other gaming chairs. It is available at an affordable price with basic warrant schemes. This gaming chair has a comfortable footrest and neck pillow with the same design as the gaming chair, and this gaming chair has three color variants.

This gaming chair has different functionalities: reclinable seats that can move up to 155 degrees, a cushioned seat with adjusting options, a comfortable cushioned footrest, and fixed padded armrests. It also contains high-density foam padding, premium faux or artificial leather, cushions on the neck, and lumbar support. This product has a 30 days return policy in certain circumstances.

This gaming chair will suit a person’s height of about 5.5 to 5.9, and the weight capacity of this chair is about 275 pounds. The primary dimension of this chair will fit an average slim person, and the width and depth of the chair are about 21(W)X 21.5(D). The height of the chair’s backrest is about 30.5 heights and 22 widths. The distance between floor and seat is 19.25 to 22.5, and the total size of the chair is about 48 to 51.5. These are the measurements of the respawn gaming chair with footrest.


  • It is available in four different colors
  • It has faux leather and cushions
  • High weight handling capacity


  • The cushion will flatten after continuous use for one year
  • Only Suites for slim adults

Killabee 9015 Footrest Recliner

This model of gaming chairs is the upgrade of the 2019 model, and it has some more advanced features than the old model. This chair has a broad backrest with shoulder support. KillaBee 9015 has extensive lumbar support, and it has hard memory foam padding for maximum comfort and support for the user. It has essential functions like a foldable footrest, reclining about 175 degrees: fixed armrest and headrest pillow with lumbar support.

This chair also has high-density cold foam padding with a high-quality faux leather seat and attractive backrest in three different color variants. This gaming chair has about a one-year warranty. The maximum weight limit for this chair is about 250 pounds, and it fits with persons with 5.6 to 5.9. These are the basic features of the Killabee 9015 footrest recliner.


  • This chair is available in three different colors
  • 175 degrees reclinable seat


  • Only one year of warranty
  • Less weight capacity

Office-style Gaming Chairs

This type of gaming is different from living room gaming chairs. These office-style gaming chairs have adjustable armrests. This adjustable armrest will help the user in many ways. Different types of gaming chairs are available in this style to make it easy, comfortable, and suitable for all types of people who sit and work over these types of office chairs.

Many office-style gaming chairs are available in the market, but only a few are best in all aspects. Each gaming chair is different from one another, and each gaming chair has several individual features.

  • Autofill Conquer Footrest gaming Chair
  • NeoChairs ARC Marvel editions
  • Nokaxus 6008
  • Killabee 8204

Autofill Conquer Footrest Gaming Chair

This office-style gaming chair is the best option for people because it has all the ergonomic features and many other highlights. This gaming chair has a heart-shaped lumbar pillow for support with an adjustable footrest and armrest.  The name of that heart-shaped pillow is 3D bionic lumber support. The new design along with its extended waist support facilitates comforting the back of the users properly.

This autofill conquers the footrest gaming chair has 2D armrests with 170 degrees reclining option. It also has memory foam padding, a pillow for headrest, and a lumbar cushion. This gaming chair with footrest has three years of warranty, and this chair is capable of 350 pounds or 158 kg weight capacity and 5.3 to 6.0 or 160-182 cm height capacity.


  • It has 3D bionic lumbar support
  • Different color variants
  • Affordable price


  • It is available in only one style

NeoChairs ARC Marvel editions

This company is the only one to produce marvel gaming chairs with an official license. This gaming chair company makes three gaming chairs in three different varieties and one standard gaming chair. This chair is well known for its superhero designs and other advanced features. These gaming chairs are the ARC-R collection, and this collection has five marvel-based footrest gaming chair designs.

This gaming chair has many advanced features like 3D armrests with a USB-powered lumbar massage unit. This pillow is chargeable, and it has a USB port in it. This chair can recline up to 180 degrees, and it also has a foldable footrest. The chair has high-density padding for both seats, neck support, lumbar support, cushions, massage insert, and lumbar pillow.


  • This chair has a heavy-duty steel frame that manages up to 350 pounds.
  • One year warranty and 30 days money back offer
  • Massage unit in a lumbar pillow


  • Only available with limited design
  • Needs power supply

Nokaxus 6008

This gaming chair is also a kind of office-style gaming chair. It has a 2D armrest, and it comes with seven different color variants. This gaming chair has various advanced features that make this chair more attractive and futuristic. This gaming chair has an extendable footrest, massage unit, recliner, and many other features.  This chair is suitable for big and tall people because it has spacious and high seating with broad support.

This gaming chair has a 2D armrest, a foldable footrest massage unit, a USB port, and 180 degrees of reclaimable options. In this chair, the seating has high-density sponge padding and standard padding with neck and lumbar cushions, and this chair contains a heavy-duty steel frame with 350pounds of weight capacity. These are the features of Nokaxus 6008.


  • High weight capacity
  • 180-degree reclining option
  • One year warranty and 24 months of aftercare support


  • It has only a 2D armrest
  • Same design

Killabee 8204

This gaming chair is one of the best office-style gaming chairs. This chair has only a 1D armrest, and it has a foldable footrest with the same cushion and cover, message uint with a USB connection, and the reclining option of about 155 degrees. This gaming chair comes in three different types. This gaming chair has large dimensions with a seat height of about 22.4 (W) X21.7(D) and a backrest of 32.7 height and 22.4 widths. The total size is about 49.6 to 52.8.

This chair is capable of about 350 pounds and with a height of about 5.8 to 6.1. This chair has high-density sponge padding with standard Polyurethane leather with neck and lumbar support. This product has a one-year warranty and some additional features.


  • It has a massaging unit in lumbar support
  • Available in different colors
  • Recline up to 155 degrees


  • It only has a 1D armrest
  • It has only a few styles of chairs

These are the features and abilities of an office-style gaming chair with a footrest.

More About Gaming Chairs

The gaming chair manufacturers design every chair with ergonomic factors. These well-designed chairs support the user’s lower and upper back, head, neck, arms, shoulders, and hips. Maintaining correct posture will help in maintaining perfect body condition, and it will reduce health issues. These gaming chairs with unique designs will help the users to maintain proper posture.

By positioning the head correctly, the user can get rid of neck pain and other related issues. These gaming chairs with footrests will reduce back pain if the users align their spines properly. With comfortable sitting space, users can use this chair for a very long time without any disturbance. All the gaming chairs will have adjustable back support, height adjustment, and other features to ensure comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best gaming chair with a footrest?

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair is the best gaming chair with a footrest.

What are the two types of gaming chairs with footrests?

Living room footrest chair and office room footrest chair

Which is the best living room footrest chair?

FantasyLab-8257s is the best living room gaming chair.

Which is the best office room footrest chair?

Autofill Conquer Footrest gaming Chair is the best office room footrest chair.

What is the main feature of office-style gaming chairs?

The adjustable armrest is the main feature of office style gaming chairs

Future of Gaming Chairs

All these kinds of gaming chairs are very futuristic and even more comfortable than regular rolling chairs. Every gaming chair has its unique use. A gaming chair with a footrest will be the best option for console gamers. The office-style gaming chair is the best option for working in front of computers and playing games. Likewise, each style of gaming chair has different uses. Use them correctly and enjoy the game.

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