8 Best Chairs For Spinal Stenosis in 2022

Spinal stenosis is a degenerative condition that causes the spinal canal to narrow. This can lead to pressure on the nerve roots, causing pain and numbness. In the worst-case scenario, it can lead to paralysis.

Luckily, there are treatments available for people suffering from this condition. One of the most effective treatments is the use of a chair that is custom-built for patients. But which chair is the best? 

For the same reason, you should know what to look for in a chair that will help you recover faster. We’ve narrowed it down to the best chairs for spinal stenosis.

How to Sit with Spinal Stenosis?

  • The first thing you need to do is find a comfortable position. This might be easier said than done, but it’s important to try. The goal is to take the pressure off of your spine.
  • Once you find a comfortable position, sit up straight. This will help take the pressure off of your spine and allow for better blood circulation.
  • If you can, prop your feet up on a stool or another surface. This will help take the pressure off of your legs and allow for better circulation.
  • You might also want to try using a lumbar support pillow. This will help support your back and keep your spine in alignment.
  • Make sure you take breaks every 30 minutes to an hour. This will help prevent the build-up of pressure in your spine.

Best Chairs For Spinal Stenosis – Our Top 8 Picks!

In this article, we look at 8 of the best chairs for spinal stenosis. We explain the features of each chair and give you our recommendation. We’ve included all the details you need to make an informed decision. Let’s get started:

1. HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair

HON has been developing chairs for years, and they have recently introduced their Wave Mesh Chair to be the best office chair for anyone who suffers from spinal stenosis. It is a perfect chair that will provide you with ultimate comfort and safety.

Customizable lower back support and pneumatic height adjustment are the best features of this chair. You can use these adjustments to find the most suitable and comfortable position for your back.

The breathable mesh fabric will keep you cool and relaxed all day long. And the black color will give your office a professional look and can be merged with any décor. You can also use this chair for long periods of time without experiencing any discomfort.

This chair is also suitable for people who are suffering from obesity because it has a weight recommendation of 450 pounds, anybody can use it without any worries. As the wider seat span is one of the best features for plus-size people.

By rotating the seat from near the front, the knee tilt mechanism enables you to comfortably recline the chair, and the 360 degrees of evolvement will give you more comfort. It can be moved in the office without standing.

Arm adjustments are also available in this chair, so you can move the arms of the chair up and down, and toward and away from the body to adapt to your needs. hence, it will provide you with a customized experience and will make you feel more relaxing.

We found that assembling this is quite easy, and you won’t need any professional help. for spinal stenosis patients, this is the best chair they will ever have because of its excellent features. Anyone can improve their posture and relieve back pain with this amazing chair.


  • A wider seat pan.
  • A well-appointed office chair.
  • provide exceptional comfort.
  • Easy to set and use.


  • The chair is a bit pricey.

2. Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair

Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair is another amazing office chair that will help you reduce your back pains and discomfort while working on your computer all day long. It is the perfect chair for lower back and hip pain.

The chair has been made in a Y-shaped shape that helps you to sit in the perfect position while keeping your spine in its natural position. It also comes with a human-curve design to help support your back for better sitting posture.

The backrest is made of an ergonomic mesh that allows air, body heat, and water vapor to pass through. So, you will not feel hot and sweaty while sitting on it for long hours. The seat is adjustable and comes with comfortable foam padding to make your sitting experience more comfortable.

Additionally, the chair also has a tilt mechanism that allows you to lock it at any angle between 90 – 150 degrees. Hence, you can use it in different positions like 90 angled straight, 120 angled for rest, and in a lying position for sleep.

SGS certificated gas lift cylinder and tilt mechanism provide a sturdy and stable sitting experience, you may work on your computer without worrying about the chair tipping over. Your hips and lower back will be well supported with this chair.

In addition, the Synchronized tilt mechanism provides a smooth, effortless recliner and enables personalized fit. Thus, it helps you to adjust the chair according to your body type. And its heavy-duty steel base ensures the durability of the chair and can bear a weight of up to 136 kg.

Overall, this minimalism style chair is well built and sure is a compelling seating choice that refreshes your office with its modern and fashion sense.


  • Ease pressure & pain in the back for everyday use.
  • Human-Curve designed which creates total spinal support.
  • comfortable foam padding.
  • Adjustable seat.


  • Not in Gray color.

3. Steelcase Leap Office Chair

The Steelcase Leap Office Chair is a modern chair that provides excellent ergonomic support. It is made up of high-quality materials such as polyurethane foam and mesh for comfort and breathability.

This chair is for lower back pain because it comes with lumbar support that can be adjusted to five different positions. It also has a recline tension adjustment knob that lets you control how far back the chair reclines. You can also lock the chair in five different positions.

Besides being available in black, this chair has a 400-pound maximum weight capacity to ensure that you’ll have enough support and comfort. It also comes with wheels for easy transport, can be used for carpet floors, and allow you to move around easily.

The pneumatic seat height adjustment offers a wide range of heights to choose from. The chair also has fully adjustable arms and a seat depth adjustment lever. These settings make this chair perfect for people of all sizes.

It Supports your spine’s natural, healthy S-shape by using LiveBack(TM) technology that changes shape as you move. So that your back is supported throughout your entire movement.

With its built-in air pockets and flexible edges, the seat cushion reduces pressure under your thighs. In this way, you can sit in this chair for hours without feeling any discomfort. And Buzz2 fabric is 100% polyester, so it is durable and easy to clean.

After using it we found that it can be dragged, rotate, and moved easily. It gives full support to your lower back and helps prevent you from experiencing pain. Moreover, Leap is the chair of choice for people seeking optimal, personalized support in every way.


  • Adjustable in every way.
  • Comfortable seat cushion.
  • Fully assembled. 
  • Long warranty period.


  • Not for those who want a plastic chair.

4. KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair

The KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair is the best massage chair on the market. It has a number of comfortable features that make it suitable for use at home as well as in the office. This massage chair comes with a faux leather material that will give it a classy look in gray and black. 

It has been designed ergonomically to offer optimum comfort and stability while you are playing your favorite games. The armrests also have a unique shape that fits perfectly into your hand for better control.

An innovative USB electric massager implant effectively relieves fatigue and takes your comfort level to luxurious heights. So whenever you feel like you need a massage, this chair will be there for you. It is also equipped with a retractable footrest that makes it easy for you to take a break from your game.

In addition, it features a multitude of adjusting Systems that allow you to find the perfect position for your spine. The comfy seating and backrest will make sure that you are always relaxed while you are working or gaming, a much better seat for spinal stenosis.

Featuring 360° swivel and reclines, the back can be locked at any angle between 90 and 175 degrees. It means you can always find the perfect angle for your spine. The seat can also be adjusted to different positions according to your needs.

International standards for explosion-proof gas springs and rolling caster wheels make the structure exceptionally stable. Hence, you can be assured that this chair will never fall over and you will always be able to use it.

Overall, this is a great massage chair that will help you relax in a comfortable manner. It is suitable for use in the office as well as at home. 


  • Provide superior functional comfort.
  • Stable structure.
  • Boasts a 360° swivel.
  • Easily customizable to suit your needs.


  • Not provide 180 angle.

5. Freedom Chair

Freedom Chair is a very simple and stylish chair that you can use for office work or home activities. The black color allows it to blend with any kind of décor and is a very versatile chair.

It is a recliner chair for spinal stenosis because this chair has a self-locking recline mechanism, which means you don’t need to worry about it coming back up after it’s been reclined.

This chair is designed to offer dynamic support to your back and ensure that you don’t have to worry about your spinal condition while sitting for long periods of time. It’s a great alternative to a regular office chair and comes at a very affordable price.

The Freedom Chair weighs only 25 pounds, which is very lightweight but also has 300 Pounds, a 100 Pound weight recommendation. Therefore, it is safe to use by children as well, making it a great choice for everyone.

When in a reclined position, the Freedom Headrest cradles the head and neck but remains neutral when in an upright position. you can use this chair for a variety of activities and for long periods of time as it has soft padding on the seat and back.

Moreover, it has a comfortable headrest, which allows for great support for your neck. It is made of a soft fabric and is designed to keep you relax all day. Thus, you can use it for long periods of time without feeling any discomfort.

In short, we are amazed by this beautiful chair, and we think that you will be too. It is an excellent choice for people who suffer from spinal stenosis and need a chair that can be used for a variety of activities and for long periods of time.


  • Simple design.
  • Comfortable chair.
  • weight-sensitive.
  • Gives dynamic support.


  • No retractable footstep.

6. Eurotech Seating Ergohuman High Back Leather Swivel Chair

The Eurotech Seating Ergohuman High Back Leather Swivel Chair is a versatile, comfortable, and well-designed chair for home use. It will deliver you the most comfortable and luxurious seating experience.

It is designed for people with spinal stenosis, who need a chair that will provide great support and stability. As the patients need to sit for long periods of time, the chair should be able to withstand the pressure.

Eurotech is committed to the highest standards of quality, accountability, and comfort that are reflected in the design and construction of the chair. So that you can be assured of a high-quality chair.

This chair has a lot of features that will make it easy for you to adjust it to your body requirements. For instance, the chair has a tilt tension control, tilt lock, and synchro-tilt. All of these features will allow you to adjust the chair to your comfort level.

Additionally, it also has a height-adjustment mechanism that will allow you to change the height of the seat. This is useful because you can make sure that your knees are at the right height so you don’t have pressure on your knees.

Drag and spinning around are two other features of this chair. This means that you can move the chair around easily without having to get up. You can also spin around in the chair through its rolling wheels and revolving structure. So that you can reach things that are far away from you during your work.

We really liked this leather swivel chair that provides lumbar support, it is built on excellence in design, durability, and ergonomic efficiency. This reliable chair will remain in good condition for a long time.


  • Excellence in design.
  • Ergonomic efficiency.
  • Exceptional seating. 
  • Delivering real value. 


  • Some people do not like the full black color. 

7. CANMOV Leather Recliner Chair

The CANMOV Leather Recliner Chair is one of the best chairs for the living room. It provides ultimate comfort and relaxation with its plush faux leather upholstery and brown color.

It can be used as an office chair for lumbar spinal stenosis because of its high-density foam and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) system to provide maximum comfort and stability as well as a solid, durable construction.

Two overstuffed pillows on the head and back, as well as a manual reclining mechanism, add to the chair’s comfort. Use it in different ways like reading books, watching TV, and sleeping. This chair will reduce your tiredness and give you the utmost relaxation.

Pulling the cable on the right side of the seat to raise the footrest up, is very useful for people with spinal stenosis. In order to retract the footrest, lean forward and sit up straight, then press your heels against the middle of the footrest, it will give you a sense of stability and comfort.

Depending on how far you lean, you can adjust the backrest to a maximum of 140 degrees. So, it can be used as a zero-gravity recliner for people with spinal stenosis. Also, the recliner has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds which is quite impressive.

One thing we like the most is that it provides helpful, prompt, and friendly customer service at your disposal. Hence, if you have any queries, they will be more than happy to help you out.

All in all, the CANMOV is an excellent chair that can be used for various purposes. It is comfortable, stylish, and durable, we highly recommend it to everyone, especially people with spinal stenosis and other back problems.


  • It is a great chair for the living room.
  • Very soft leather.
  • Nice color for decent interior.
  • Easily recline.


  • Arms are not adjustable.

8. Eurotech Seating Vera Office Chair

The Eurotech Seating Vera is a modern office chair that provides excellent comfort and support. It has a contemporary and stylish design that complements your office space, and the mesh back design provides a cool, fresh feel.

The tilt tension control allows you to recline at a preset ratio, and the seat depth can be adjusted relative to the back. The chair also has a synchro-tilt mechanism that allows the back to recline in a preset ratio. This is a great feature if you want to take the pressure off of your spine.

When you work at the office, you need a chair that is comfortable and supportive. The Eurotech Seating Vera is both of those things. It can fit any office environment which makes it a great choice for any office space.

6-way adjustable arms can be tailored to support your arms, and the seat height can be adjusted to the desired position relative to the floor. Hence, you can customize the chair to your needs.

It is very lightweight that only weighs 45 pounds. It can be dragged and spun easily so that you can reposition it with ease. Therefore, if you are working in the office with a busy schedule then this chair will be an excellent option for you. As you can work sitting on it for hours without feeling any fatigue. 

We liked its Piano gray mesh back and its black frame which gives it a stunning look, and overall its look is very classy. It is much softer and ergonomic so people have spinal stenosis can use it without any problem.


  • Modern design.
  • Adapt to your weight.
  • Support your arm and back.
  • Well built chair.


  • Quite expensive.

What To Look For When Buying Best Chairs For Spinal Stenosis?

If you are suffering from spinal stenosis, then it is important to find a chair that will provide you with the support and comfort you need. When buying a chair, there are a few things you must need to focus on:

Adjustable Feature

A chair with adjustable features is a must to look at. These features allow you to customize the chair to your needs. Some of the features you may want to consider are:

  • Tilt tension control

Tilt tension control is a great feature if you have back pain. It allows you to recline at a preset ratio, and the seat depth can be adjusted relative to the back. This feature allows you to customize the chair to your needs.

  • Seat height

Seat height is another important feature to consider. If you are sitting for long hours, then you need to consider the seat height. The chair should be at the desired height relative to the floor.

  • Armrest

If you are going to be sitting for long hours, then you need to consider the armrests. The armrests should be comfortable and ergonomic. You should also be able to adjust the armrests to your needs.

Load Capacity

The load capacity of a chair is the maximum amount of weight a chair can hold. This will vary by manufacturer and model, but you’ll want to find a chair with a load capacity of at least 350 lbs. 

As a general rule of thumb, you should always try to find a chair with a higher load capacity than the amount of weight you can comfortably lift. For example, if you weigh 200 lbs, you’ll want a chair that holds at least 300 lbs.

Reclining Angle

Must check this factor because it is a necessary adjustment for spinal stenosis. You have to set this angle according to your need so that you can get relief from pain. If it will not be in your range then it may cause more pain in your spine. In general, you have to look for chairs that give you a range of 90 to 135 degrees

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it necessary to have a chair with adjustable features?

Yes, it is important to have a chair with adjustable features. This is because you may need to adjust the chair according to your needs.

Q: What type of chair is beneficial for spinal stenosis?

A chair that is comfortable, supportive, and adjustable is the best type of chair for spinal stenosis. When buying a chair, it is important to keep these things in mind in order to find the perfect chair for you and your body requirements.

Q: Are all chairs good for spinal stenosis?

No, all chairs are not good for spinal stenosis. It is important to look at the features of the chair you are buying. It is important to find a chair that will provide you with support and comfort.

Final Verdict!

Spinal stenosis is a common condition that affects the spinal cord and nerves. This condition causes pain and discomfort in the lower back and neck. 

For this reason, we have listed the best chairs for spinal stenosis that you can buy. We have also included a brief description of each chair so that you can get a better understanding of each chair.

All the chairs we discussed are well built, especially for the price but we recommend you the CANMOV Leather Recliner Chair because it is made of high-quality leather and has adjustable features.

We hope you find this review helpful in finding the perfect chair for spinal stenosis. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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