Best Autofill Gaming Chairs – Reviewed (2022 Updated)

Gaming chairs are the best companion for gaming freaks to keep them with total comfort. There are many different varieties of gaming chairs available worldwide, and every gaming chair is unique from one another. Most professional gamers prefer the best autofill gaming chairs for their personal use. Several brands and manufacturers provide various gaming chairs for people who like different themes and concepts.

These gaming chairs are very different from regular office chairs. They will have extra back support, neck support, adjustable armrests, and even many other comfortable features than the office chairs. Gaming chairs have a wide range of markets worldwide, and Many people love to use these gaming chairs for their gaming setups. Each gaming chair is different from one another, and it differs according to the gaming console.

Every year the count of gamers keeps on increasing, and the field of game-related products also enlarges their business. Even the gaming chair companies introduce different styles and high-tech gaming chairs for their customers. The latest model gaming chairs have chargeable USB ports for mobiles, tabs, and similar items. These modern gaming chairs also come with a massaging unit at the backrest part. These are the modern-day features of gaming chairs.

There are many kinds of gaming chairs available in the market, and each one has a specific feature. The living room-style gaming chairs, office-style gaming chairs, gaming chairs with footrests, and high-tech gaming chairs with Bluetooth headphones are different. And most people like to buy the best autofill gaming chairs because of their remarkable features. These are all the primary features and abilities of various gaming chairs.

Best Autofill Gaming Chairs Of 2022

Best Autofill Gaming Chairs

Though there are many different gaming chairs available in the world market, only a few are most popular in the Indian region because not all the chairs will match the needs of Indian gamers. And some kinds of chairs may not work well in Indian climates. So there are only a few gaming chairs that are capable of sustaining all the problems. All these best chairs are unique, and they have many advanced characters.

  • Green Soul monster series Gaming chair
  • Casa Copenhangen F1 racing chair
  • DXRACER Racing Series Gaming chair
  • Zebronics ZEB-GC2000 Premium Gaming Chair
  • Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-06
  • CELLBELL GC01 Transformer Series Gaming chair
  • Green Soul-Beast series
  • Savya Home Apex Crusader XIII Gaming chair
  • “Sunon” Gaming Chair
  • Ants e-sports gaming chair

These are the top gaming chairs that are available in India, and all these gaming chairs have unique features and styles. 

Green Soul Monster Series Gaming Chair

This chair is full of comfort and unique features that make this gaming chair the best of all kinds. This green soul monster is fully adjustable, and it also has back lumbar support and spacious neck support. Designers made this beast with breathable and premium leather and fabrics for easy airflow to meet the hot weather conditions of India. This chair will help the user to maintain a comfortable and healthy position.

This green soul gaming chair has a new feature of rocking up to 15 degrees, and it also has a lock option at any position. This chair has the leaver at the bottom to push back the backrest up to 90-180 degrees. This chair also contains a class 4 gas lift which is beneficial to adjust the chair’s height. This Green Soul monster series gaming chair comes with three years of industrial warranty, making this product more trustable and showing quality.

This gaming chair has specifications, like 23 kg of weight, 50 X 71 X 133 cm of dimensions, and 172 to 196 cm of adjustable height. This chair comes with different color variants like blue, black, grey, red, and white. These are the main features of the Green Soul monster series gaming chair, which is the topmost gaming chair in the Indian gaming field.


  • It has the head, neck, and lumbar support pillow with similar materials
  • Comfortable seating with flat and soft cushions
  • 4D adjustable armrests with USB port
  • Stiff and soft shoulder, back, knee, and thigh support
  • Suitable for long people
  • Best customer service even after delivery


  • Metal frame in seat pokes
  • This gaming chair doesn’t have a footrest.

Casa Copenhagen F1 Racing Chair

This gaming chair is best for gaming and also for working. This chair is well known for its comfort level. It provides high comfort level than any other gaming chair, and it has premium Italian leather and a full cover sponge for comfort. Casa Copenhagen chair contains a foldable footrest with similar cushions for additional ease for the user. Designers made this chair with strong reinforced material for its long-lasting and durable body.

This chair contains high-level back support with oversized cushions to increase the user’s comfort. It helps to maintain the best position with relaxing features. This chair has a strong base with five solid and smooth-rolling wheels with 360-degree rotation. It also has a safety armrest angle of about 90 to 170 degrees. This gaming chair also has various features like adjustable seats and an adjustable backrest.

This chair is multipurpose, and its design will be suitable for all kinds of places like conference halls, office rooms, gaming, and even computer tables. Professional designers designed these chairs with a great look and attractive features. These are the primary features available with the Casa Copenhagen F1 racing chair, and there are many variants of these chairs available.


  • Attractive matt look with shiny leather
  • Entirely made up of aluminum metal body
  • Two years of the warranty period
  • Caster wheels for a smooth and strong base
  • Available in 5 different color variants


  • Undeclared maximum weight capacity
  • Limited styles

DXRACER Racing Series Gaming Chair

This chair has a beautiful ergonomic design, and it has a taller backrest than other regular gaming chairs. This gaming chair has many features like 4D armrests, a fully adjustable backrest with a reclining degree between 90 to 135 degrees, with a lockable mechanism that helps to maintain the proper positioning. It has dimensions of 56 X 64 X 139 cm. The total weight of the chair is about 25kg, and it is available only in black-blue colors.

The maximum weight capacity of this gaming chair is about 150kg. It uses SGS certified gas lift to move the seat up and down. It has high-density cold foam padding seats and a headrest for users. It also has lumbar support for proper positioning and a straight back. These features are suitable for people who play for a long time in the same place. This chair has accessible control features to rock it back and front and even to lock it in the same position.

This racing chair has a strong base with three large casters to handle the weight of the chair and the user. The total body of the chairs of reinforced steel has several years of warranty for the frame itself. The wheels contain polyurethane plastic which is stronger than steel, and it will help the users keep the floors clean without any dirt marks by the wheels. These are the features of DXRACER Racing Series gaming chairs.


  • 4D adjustable armrest
  • Thick and dense foam with premium PU leather
  • Smooth shift with class 4 gas lift
  • Gas lift certified with SGS


  • It has only one color to choose
  • Only three casters

Zebronics ZEB-GC2000 Premium Gaming Chair

Zebronics is well known for its quality products, and it provides various products other than gaming chairs. All those products will have perfect quality at a reasonable price. Similarly, they are working in the gaming chairs production also. This gaming chair is one of the masterpieces of Zebronics in the field of gaming series. This gaming chair’s hot and stylish look will be a dream for most gamers.

The color gradient of this chair will attract people, and black & red is the signature color of Zebronics. This ZEB-GC2000 is available in only one color gradient even though gamers treat it as a limited edition product. Designers filled this chair with various features to increase the users’ comfort level. It has multiple functionalities like a backrest angle of 90 to 180 degrees, a comfortable neck cushion, and a lumbar cushion.

It also has 3D armrests, five large caster wheels of about 60mm, and a butterfly mechanism. This chair is long-lasting and made with hard steel with dimensions of 85 X 65 X 32 cm. The total weight of this chair is about 23kg, and it has polyvinyl chloride for covering. It is available in all kinds of online stores. These are the features of the Zebronics ZEB-GC2000 premium gaming chair.


  • Comfortable and detachable lumbar support and headrest.
  • Reclining angle about 90 to 180 degrees.
  • Uses class 4 gas lift for height adjustments.
  • Herculean wheels of 60mm.
  • Premium high-quality PVC leatherComfortable and detachable lumbar support and headrest.
  • Reclining angle about 90 to 180 degrees.
  • Uses class 4 gas lift for height adjustments.
  • Herculean wheels of 60mm.
  • Premium high-quality PVC leather.


  • Undeclared maximum weight capacity.
  • Available only in one colour variant.

Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-06

This gaming chair is a new edition, a pulse product, and experts designed this beauty with several advanced features and comfort elements. This gaming chair is mainly known for its perfect quality. The style of this gaming chair resembles the car seat so it will be an ideal option for racing games. This racing edition GT-60 has many ergonomic advantages.

This gaming chair provides excellent support for all the user’s body parts. It covers the waist, the side bolsters, and shoulder pads to support the shoulders. It also has removable lumbar support and a headrest pillow, adjustable armrests, height adjustments for maximum comfort. It also has components like a height adjusting lever, rotatable knob, and even more small features.

This chair has PU leather for seats and all other cushions for premium comfort. This gaming chair has the dimensions of 32 X 65 X 83 cm, and the total weight of this chair is about 20kg. The maximum weight capacity of this chair is about 150 kg. The Pulse Gaming racing edition GT-06 has a metal body with attractive leather coverings to provide perfect comfort for the users.


  • Attractive and colorful design.
  • Bolsters for support.
  • Smooth height adjustments with class 4 gas.
  • 1000 miles rolling tested rubber casters.
  • Armrests with adjustments.
  • PU breathable leather.


  • Rubber casters may leave marks on the floor.
  • Only one color variant.

CELLBELL GC01 Transformer Series Gaming Chair

This gaming chair will be the best option for professional and intense gamers. This gaming chair has high value of trade than any other gaming chair. Like all other unique gaming chairs, it is also available only in red and black color variants. Designers designed this gaming chair with all ergonomic features and made it with polyurethane leather for a perfect and matt finish. These features will make the gaming chair more comfortable.

This CELLBELL GC01 has padded armrests with a button adjustments facility. And it also has an improved maximum height capacity. It also comes with an exciting tilt mechanism and class 4 hydraulic lift for smooth and perfect height adjustments. This chair comes with the reclining option of about 90 to 180 degrees. These features will help the user to maintain proper position while using the chair and also help to preserve the body’s health conditions.

The primary feature of these gaming chairs is 55.88 X 73.66 X 137.16 cm dimensions. The total weight of the chair is about 19kg, and the maximum weight load capacity of this chair is about 125kg. The maximum adjustable height is about 5 to 5.8. These are the structural features of this gaming chair, and this chair is suitable for all kinds of gaming consoles.


  • Relaxing recliner option.
  • Attractive ergonomic design.
  • Smooth and excellent performance by nylon caster wheels.
  • Padded armrests with button adjustments.
  • Easy installation.
  • Available in all online stores.


  • Metal frame in seat pokes.
  • UncomfortaOnly one color variant.
  • No footrest.

Green Soul-Beast Series

This gaming chair is one of the best gaming chairs that changed the market value for gaming chairs. Experts designed this beast with breathable fabrics and covered with premium leather for a matt look and shiny finish. This design will allow airflow to cool the chair structure, which will help the gamers and users to use the chair for a long time. This chair will be a perfect choice for people who prefer to take a small nap on their gaming chairs.

This gaming beast is available in different color variants like armor black, black-blue, black-red, black-white, black-yellow, and black-gray. This beautiful beast uses a butterfly mechanism to operate the gaming chair. This gaming chair contains an adjustable armrest, the immediate need for a perfect gaming chair. It also has removable lumbar support and neck rest pillows. These are the essential elements to ensure comfort.

 47 X 73 X 122cm is the dimension of this gaming chair, and  32kg is the total weight of the gaming chair. The maximum weight capacity of this Green Soul-beast series gaming chair is about 120kg. The outer frame of the chair has solid metal, and it has five hard and rubber-coated wheels to handle the total weight of the chair and the users. These are the features of this beautiful beast.


  • BAdjustable neck and lumbar support.
  • Best bucket seat design.
  • 3D adjustable armrests.
  • Suitable for knee, shoulder, and arm support.
  • Nylon base heavy-duty caster wheels.
  • Available in different color patterns.


  • Footrest feature not available.
  • Weights about 32kg.

Savya Home Apex Crusader XIII Gaming Chair

Apex is one of the leading Indian brands, which work longer than any other brand. This model is the best creation of apex gaming chairs. It has many attractive features, suitable for maintaining perfect sitting positions. It contains a detachable neck, back option, which makes it more comfortable and ideal for intense gamers. It also has adjustable armrests that help to improve the comfort level.

Experts used steel and alloy frames to build the chair’s body and polyurethane leather to cover them like the best autofill gaming chairs. This cushioning material is more breathable and lightweight and can withstand the user’s weight and pressure. These foams are suitable for prolonged usage and will not flatten quickly. These are the primary features of the Savya home apex crusader XIII gaming chair.

The dimensions of this chair are about 50.8 X 50.8 X 134.6 cm. The total weight of the chair is about 26 kg, and this gaming chair is available in only one style. The color of this gaming chair is full black with tiny white patches. This gaming chair is available on all online shopping platforms, and there are many amounts possible. These are the primary features of the Savya Home Apex Crusader XIII Gaming Chair.


  • Br360 smooth swivel with five caster wheels.
  • Armrest adjustments.
  • Durable caster wheels.
  • 180-degree reclining option.


  • MeNo detail about maximum weight capacity.
  • Only one color is available.

The Sunon Gaming Chair

This gaming chair is the best option for people who love comfort, and it will give the feeling of hugging. This gaming chair is well known for its ergonomic structure and attractive features. This Sunon gaming chair is the best option for those who search for stylish gaming chairs with all parts on a low budget. This gaming chair has all the features like all other gaming chairs. The total weight of the gaming chair is about 17.5kg.

The comfort of this chair is more than any other gaming chair because of its soft and smooth cushions and attractive matt finish PU leathers. This gaming chair is one of the best gaming chairs available in India. This chair has several adjustment options to make the chair more comfortable for the users. The user can adjust the chair’s height from 122.5 cm to 130 cm. this chair will be a perfect option for high people than ordinary people.

The user can tilt the chair from 90 degrees to 135 degrees. This gaming chair contains removable and adjustable headrests and lumbar pillows. The designer’s pad has all these parts, the armrests are more comfortable and flexible, and this chair uses a class 4 gas lift. This piston will support the total weight of the users and the chair. These are the primary features of the Sunon gaming chair.


  • BChair with ergonomic features.
  • Pillows for neck, back, and head.
  • Class 4 gas cylinder for smooth lifting.
  • Chair with height adjustment.
  • Foldable footrest.


  • Only available in three colours.
  • The chair’s total weight is 17.5kg.

Ants e-sports Gaming Chair

This gaming chair is also the best computer chair. This gaming chair has high-quality foam for improving comfort. The cover for this gaming chair has high-quality PU and PVC leather for a perfect matt finish and shiny look. The design pattern on this chair increases the attraction of this gaming chair. It is available in various colors like red, black, and green. Each color gaming chair will have a different pattern.

This gaming chair has an adjustable lever below the seat for adjusting the height of the gaming chair. In this chair, the armrests are stable, but all the armrests have cushions and PU leather to increase the users’ comfort. The base for this chair has a solid metal frame with a silver paint coating. The backrest has the option to tilt about 135 degrees, and this product will accompany a well-instructed user manual.

The dimensions of this gaming chair are about 30D X 30W X 48H cm. the total weight of this gaming chair is about 15 kg. This Ants e-Sports Gaming Chair is available in all online shopping stores. It takes about 20 minutes to assemble all the parts of this gaming chair, and these are the primary features of this gaming chair with remarkable 3D digital design.


  • Budget-friendly gaming chair.
  • Handles with cushions.
  • Adjustable and removable head pillows.
  • Designer wheels of hard material.


  • No adjustable armrests.
  • No warranty.
  • No Number cushion.

Use of Gaming Chairs

A perfect gaming setup will not be fulfilled until it gets an excellent gaming chair. Gaming chairs are not only for comfort. They also help the users to prevent their health. The gaming chairs are beneficial for people who work on screens for an extended period. In all kinds of gaming chairs, the best autofill gaming chairs will reduce stress and allow the user to feel comfortable and free. This comfort level will show remarkable results in work and gaming. These are the uses of perfect gaming chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the top best gaming chair in India 2021?

Ans:  Green Soul Monster Series Gaming Chair is the best gaming chair in India.

Which gaming chair brand provides the best gaming chairs?

Ans:  Autofill gaming chairs is the brand for best gaming chairs

What are the significant parts required in a gaming chair?

Ans: The lumbar support and headrest are the significant parts.

What is the use of gas lifts in gaming chairs?

Ans: The gas lift is for adjusting the height of the chair.

Which leather is best for gaming chairs?

Ans: PU or polyurethane is the best option for gaming chairs.

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