Are Gaming Chairs Good For Your Back? Chair Seekers [2022]

Gaming chairs are the best part of the gaming setup. These gaming chairs are not only for comfort reasons but also to reduce health issues. Sitting in an ordinary office chair will not provide as much comfort as regular gaming chairs. The gaming chairs have a unique design that supports gamers in many ways, it offers the best back support and long-time comfort for continuous streaming.

Most gaming chair manufacturers concentrate on comfort and additional features like footrest, hand rest, etc. The adjustable part of the gaming chair makes it more useful for people of all sizes and heights and helps with good posture maintenance. Using gaming chairs will increase the stability and improve the gameplay quality of the user. There are many gaming chairs available with different quality and price ranges.

How Gaming Chair Works?

Are Gaming Chairs Good For Your Back

The gaming chair manufacturers design every chair with ergonomic factors. These well-designed chairs support the user’s lower and upper back, head, neck, arms, shoulders, and hips. Maintaining correct posture will help in maintaining perfect body condition, and it will reduce health issues. These gaming chairs with unique designs will help the users to maintain proper posture.

By positioning the head correctly, the user can get rid of neck pain and other related issues. These gaming chairs will reduce back pain if the users align their spines properly. With comfortable sitting space, users can use this chair for a very long time without any disturbance. All the gaming chairs will have adjustable back support, height adjustment, and other features to ensure comfort.

Medical Advantages of Using Gaming Chairs

Using a gaming chair will provide many medical benefits to the users. These best gaming chairs for posture will help maintain the sitting posture, which will align the spinal muscles and allow them to carry the body weight. The poster becomes better as long as the user sits in that position. The proper sitting position will provide more benefits and health betterments to the user. Different sitting positions will create tension on the lower body and stress the joints.

The unique design of these gaming chairs will reduce joint stress. These chairs increase the energy level of the user. By aligning the body properly, the total energy used by muscles can be used protectively by the user. Poor posture and some other sitting postures may cause migraines at the back of the neck. Using this chair can reduce migraines.

Difference Between Gaming & Office Chair

These two types of gaming chairs have two similarities: adjustable seat height and rocking function. Apart from these, both chairs are different from each other. The office chair will have Mid-back as back support. But in gaming chairs, it has Full-back support and some additional features like adjustable armrests, reclining backrest, and adjustable lumbar support. These extra features are not available in the typical office chair.

The gaming chair features a high padded backrest, winged shoulder support, backrest recline lever, heavy-duty base with 360 swivels, padded seat, lumbar pillow, and neck pillow. But the office chair has only two features that are 360 rotatable and the rocking tension, which will help the chair while rocking. The office chair has a fixed armrest and backrest, which makes the user comfortable for some time. These office chairs are not suitable for long-time continuous usage.

Best Gaming Chairs Of 2022

There are many gaming chairs available in the market, but considering their comfort, performance, and other advanced features, these are the best gaming chairs of 2021.

  1. Secretlab titan Evo 2022
  2. Secretlab omega
  3. Logitech G x Herman miller embody
  4. Neuechair
  5. Anda-seat Kaisar 2
  6. Noblechairs Hero
  7. Corsair T3 rush
  8. DXRacer master

All these chairs mentioned above are the best products available in the market. Most of the product has high performance and style, and some for their high-level comfort with lower weight and price. This list of top gaming chairs compares all features and comfort levels of these chairs, including cost. Every gaming chair in this list is unique on anyone features or even more than one.

Top 3 Gaming Chairs For Good Posture

Chairs For Good Posture

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022-  It is the topmost gaming chair of the best gaming chairs in the market. This gaming chair has a racing back with leveled seat base type of seat, with recline capacity of 165 degrees. The weight capacity of this gaming chair is about 180kg which is 397ibs, XL size only. The weight of the total chair is about 37.5kg or 83ibs. And it has 3- years of warranty. It has magnetic cushions and covers.

Secretlab Omega- This is the second topmost gaming chair, and this chair also belongs to the same manufacturer as the first chair. It has a racing seat type, with a 265-degree reclining option and a weight capacity of 109kg (240ibs), and the total weight is 30kg or 66 lbs. This chair has a three years warranty period. It has velour memory foam pillows and a versatile tilt mechanism.

Logitech G x Herman Miller embody- This is the third top gaming chair, and it has the task chair seat type made up of multi-layer fabric with a seat height of 17-22 inches. The weight capacity of the gaming chair is about 136kg (300Ibs). The total weight of this chair is about 23kg, and it has a 12 years warranty. These seating styles will stimulate blood and oxygen flow and provide the best back support.


The best gaming chair should be with the best ergonomic features. The gaming chair should have a comfortable neck rest, head pillows, adjustable armrest, and similar features. Choosing a gaming chair should depend on the kind of gaming setup and the type of games. Racing-style games require a particular type of chair, providing space for foot paddles and a steering console.

The pc gaming console requires a specific kind of chair. Choosing the correct gaming chair depends on the user. The chair selection should meet all the requirements of the user. It should match the size and height of the user, and it should fit with the gaming area; likewise, it needs to meet many features.

Futuristic Gaming Chairs

Like every field in the world, these gaming chairs start their evolution. The new gaming chairs come with 360-degree rotation panels, an in-built gaming console, headphones, and speakers. They also provide additional space for drinks and snacks. Likewise, many changes will happen in the field of gaming chairs. Most people worldwide are moving towards technology, so the productions that depend on them will also increase.

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